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Let’s grow together…

What we do is actually very simple, we are marketing contractors, we realized that a lot of companies need a way to create their marketing content, but in most cases they only need it for short periods of time, to create a new catalog, a website, plan an event or update their social media sites.

We’ve been doing this the traditional way for a while and we and our customers have always the same issue, when we ask for content they don’t have the time and when they have it we don’t have the time.

But we think we can fix it, for the last few months we modified our way of serving our customers, now one of us moves to the customers office for the period of the contract and lives and breath with them, the resources are there, the people, the content, everything.

This way, we do in weeks what used to take months and the results are perfect every time, because there’s no guessing, no back and forward.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the art of converting, the art of turning all those likes into sales, the art of creating engagement and generating leads that convert.


Full eCommerce site development, from the logo design to the shipping and handling, our stores have full automatic sync with amazon and ebay


We develop efficient and constant social media marketing campaigns, targeted to the right audience on the right social network at the right time to deliver the best results…


Most of the businesses only serve a city, a county, or a state that’s the secret, be specific and be realistic, chances are that if you rank first just in your area you’ll get a lot of work


We are unique

Seeed is not only an advertising agency, print shop, or just some guy with computer and graphic design knowledge, our agency is all that and more, we can help you improve and develop any area of your company, no matter the issue or problem.

Why work with us

We focus on psychology not only in technology, no matter what new fashion
comes out, your campaign will be able to adapt to it…”
Our goal is to increase your ROI, we’ll modify, tweak or reinvent any campaign or strategy to increase sales

Standardized solutions

We only use the most popular services, yes a custom made solution can be awesome, until the developer goes away or the designer quits.
On the other side, popular services are boxed some of them can be tweak some of them not, but they are cheap, easy to fix and anyone with a little bit of training can handle them.

be different, be eccentric and let your business grow…

– Rowland Saer
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