Will fit just right into a marketing tool category. It’s simple, this social media platform has become the second largest search engine of internet.

With more than one billion users spending at least one hour daily, watching different kind of content.

A video sharing platform where users upload great variety of videos and others can subscribe to their channel, comment and share it.


  • Reaches a large percentage of the global market.
  • Catches views attention easily.
  • Is precise about advertisement targeting.

Will it work for a business?

Yes, yes, yes!!! For a business, Youtube will aid in Brand awareness, customer loyalty and also for those customers at the beginning of the purchase process.

Basically, with a Youtube channel you will be able to share video content with valuable information for your audience.

For example if you are a real state agent in your channel, you could showcase a new home listing with a tour inside the house.

Then, you have the Advertisement option. Remember “The first SIX SECONDS are FREE”, so you need to use them wise and be specific before the audience is able to skip the ad. Let’s be clear, nobody likes when they put the program on pause or wait for an ad to finish to start it.

Other options are a companion banner and a call to action overlay ate the end of the video.

Keep in mind.

  • Who and where your audience is.
  • Their behavior and interests.
  • Share valuable information.
  • No need to be professional.
  • No need expensive tools (Start with your phone).
  • Good lighting and audio, very important.
  • CTA, tell your audience where to go.
  • Make it easy for your viewer to find you.

Youtube will help you reach the ideal customer at the right time.

So, now it’s time for you to develop a great creative video for your perfect customer.

Happy Broadcast!!!

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