Wix to WordPress Migration

Get back the control of your website

Is your website to big for Wix?

You are not alone, Wix is an excellent incubator, but as your company grows your website should do it to and if you need a website that is easy to use and that can grow as big as you want then WordPress is the way to go.

WordPress allows you to adapt and grow inside an amazing community, it has thousands of free and paid plugins and because it powers more than 20% of the internet every company supports it.

Need a better platform?

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100% hands free, We take care of everything

Our developers will migrate everything for you, because this is not a computer based website migration you are allowed to make changes and edits and because all our sites come with a  visual editor you’ll be able to keep working on your website by with or without our help and thanks to our powerful hosting you’ll not sacrifice your website ranking.

What is included in the migration?

We need to know your business, your goals, your dreams in order to get exactly the results you want.
Images & Pictures
Tags & Categories
Only two things are important for a customer, where are you taking him and what do you want from them.
Internal Links

Worry about costs?

Our migrations start from $500 this is the usual cost for a 5 page website

What about under the hood?

Yes from your webmaster tools to your google analytics everything will be moved

And our hosting costs?

Easy, our hosting plans start for as low as $50 per year on our Google cloud server.

Need more information or have special needs?

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