Why the Biggest Brands Are Going Headless in Shopify & BigCommerce

Written by Laura Rojas


Are you ready to go Headless with your eCommerce platform? Have you heard the term but not clear what Headless eCommerce is all about? It’s time to find out and drive your business to the next level.

Nike, Kirkland, and Target are just a few of the largest companies that went Headless in recent years. These companies, along with many others, recognize that the way in which consumers visit and shop is changing, and their eCommerce structure also needs to change.

Going Headless is no longer an option reserved only for large and highly successful corporations. Businesses of any size involved in Shopify, BigCommerce, or that have an interest in scaling any eCommerce solution can benefit from going Headless. No matter how big or small your company might be, keep reading to figure out if going Headless is right for your business. 

 What Does it Mean To Go Headless?

To put it very simply, the head of your eCommerce is your front layer created by a template or a theme. By removing this head or this front layer, you are left with only the back layer which consists of your shopping, blog, reviews, and other functions of your site. The front layer can then be redesigned by using any framework that you wish. And is not held to the parameters of a template or app.

With a Headless approach, your site can then be easily displayed and used on any device making it much more functional in today’s digital age. This allows your eCommerce to also work through smartwatches, Alexa, and even kiosks. A Headless eCommerce solution is more likely to be timeless, designed to keep up with the next latest device offerings. Therefore, going Headless means reaching more people and being versatile with the newest technologies.

What Are the Benefits For Your Company’s Performance and Consumer Experience?

Now that you understand what going Headless is, let’s see what it could all mean for your business.

In addition, if you are selling on your site using Shopify, BigCommerce, or other eCommerce solutions, you want to reach as many people as possible. Also, to make their shopping experience seamless to get them to buy, and keep coming back. By going Headless, you can reach your shoppers on a wide range of devices. Giving them a consistent experience across all your channels.

They can shop on their smartwatch one day and from their laptop the next one. But if you store your customers’ information and are able to access to it easily, you can give them the same level of service, no matter the device. So, this seamless experience is vital for busy consumers who browse on one device and check out on another.

Great experiences lead to repeat buyers and more sales.

 Your eCommerce solution in many cases is your first chance to make a great impression on a new customer. A poor experience will not only result in no sales, but also negative word-of-mouth.

Moreover, you can greatly enhance your site’s performance and agility is by going Headless with your Shopify and BigCommerce solutions. You can set up a new campaign so your marketing efforts can lead to personalized shoppers. Also, your data knows what each customer looked at and bought in the past disregarding the device they used.

Consumer information from their mobile, laptop and smartwatch will all be combined into one customer experience. With this data, your site can adapt to the specific customer and show them solutions they are likely to be interested in. Multiple campaigns can be run at one time with ease. 

Testing different marketing plans becomes considerably easier by going Headless. With no template framework to constrain you, this means you can customize your site to suit your exact needs.

Who Has Successfully Used Headless eCommerce?

Many well-known companies went Headless over the past few years for different reasons. But they all achieved their goal and became even more successful because of it. Now, let’s look at a few large companies and one you might not be as familiar with to understand their motivations and results:


Nike has always been competitive in the market, but they wanted to take their online sales and reach beyond their competition to reach more mobile users. The ultimate goal was simple. To reach more customers and convert browsing to sales on more mobile devices. Their data was showing them that fewer and fewer customers were buying on their desktop device. So Nike wanted to take advantage of all the potential mobile sales.

They decided to go Headless and, while they didn’t notice a spike in sales overnight, they did begin to notice a slow and steady rise in market share against their closest competitors. Nike’s success after going Headless was even more impressive than they originally hoped for, and their sales continue making them one of the most successful companies in the industry.


Overstock wanted to make their browsing pages more interactive and better. Applying their research information to make shoppers’ experience more personal. What’s more, they had plenty of customer data but didn’t have a great way to apply that information to drive more sales.

By going Headless, they were able to attract more customers and had a 36% jump in revenue. This early success, fueled by their repeat buyers and their increased conversion rate, didn’t stop with a one time jump. Their success with their Headless eCommerce meant becoming a billion-dollar online retailer.


Target is a company that faces stiff competition. Amazon and Walmart both share the same market. Buyers will typically exchange one for the other. So Target wanted something to help them stand out and pull ahead of their competition. Through extensive research, they discovered that many of their customers began shopping on one device but ended their purchase on another. 

Their customers had no desire to start over when moving to another device. So Target wanted to close the possibility of that customer wandering away and buying from another company. They were able to go Headless and retain the customer no matter what device they were using. The shopping experience could be paused in one device and seamlessly continue on another at a later time. This increased their conversion and their bottom line.


LARQ might be a brand that you are not familiar with but that doesn’t mean they are not benefiting from choosing Headless eCommerce solutions. LARQ concentrates on offering self-purifying water containers. The company wanted to be able to easily scale, customize their offerings, and support an international site with multiple currency options. 

The team uses BigCommerce on the back end and has become very versatile with complete control over their offerings from one domain no matter what country someone is from. They were able to launch in just two months and experienced a 400% growth in revenue and 80% jump in conversion over a three-month period. And began their journey with a Headless solution to experience great success as a result.

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What Is Next For Your Business?

If you believe that going Headless with Shopify or BigCommerce is right for you, you might be at a loss on where to begin. Reading as much as you can about your options is a great start and now is the time to define what you want to achieve. 

  • Do you want to give the customer a personalized journey on your site?
  • Do you have plans to scale and want to do it quickly as your needs change?
  • Or like Target, are you losing customers to your competition when your customers switch from one device to another?

When you decide your goals, you will be better equipped to pick a solution that is right for you. 

If you have decided what you need for your business, there are many resources such as Seeed that can help you navigate your many choices and create a custom solution for your business.

Moreover, if you want to be in control of your site, Seeed can give you the flexibility that you’re looking for. We are experts in BigCommerce Headless solutions, Shopify Headless solutions, and other Headless eCommerce solutions and can help you experience a smooth migration from your current solution to a Headless eCommerce site that will help you drive sales and increase your conversion rate.

Going Headless can be intimidating and a huge jump for your business but companies both big and small have noticed rather dramatic rewards for their efforts; and with the help of the right experts, you can make it happen as well. 

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