Vense, a brand that resonates in all of us, not because we are so proud of it or because we are still working with them two years later or because we all enjoy fishing, it’s more about the development of the brand, the way we visualized the brand concept and how it became a reality exactly the way we expected.

We met Hector on one of the shopify workshops we organize, he was trying to bring a latin american fishing lure brand to the USA and was stuck in the process, design stiles are different in different countries so he had a brand designed for a latin american audience and focused on only one activity, peacock bass is huge in Venezuela and in any country near to the Amazon river and for years it was he’s main focus, now living in the USA he realized that Peacock Bass is just another niche, there are many other Bass species in fresh water and also a huge market in salt water fishing.

An this is where we decided to start, we needed a brand that will work with saltwater and fresh water, that will also work with clothing and accesories, a brand not for a lure company but for a fishing gear company.

And that’s how a new logo was born, we took all we knew about the brand and put it on a logo that transmit craftsmanship, perfectionism, balance and adventure.

so we move from this

To this

Vense lures new logo

But we didn’t stop there, we retook all the product pictures and turn this

old product photo

Into This

new product picture