Google analytics is probably the most useful tool that you can install on your website, statistics, behavior, bounce rates and so much more, did I also mention that is free?

Surprisingly we see a lot of stores without the tool, since Google analytics only starts gathering data once it’s installed all the data prior to the installation will not be there, as you can imagine this means that you’ll need to wait at least one month to have reliable data to evaluate your customer behavior.

So stop wasting data, go to Google analytics, sign in, create an account and install the code on your website (we’ll upload a tutorial to our youtube channel before monday make sure to subscribe)

It will provide you with statistics that go from your user location to your user age and sex, amount of visits, new vs repeated customers and many many more.

Let’s review some of our favorites.

1- User location

google analytics geo location














The most interesting and addictive of all, it shows you where are your users located from the country down to the city, not only works to find out where are your customers coming from but also to identify threats and locate attackers.

2- Adquisition

google analytics adquisition









Where are your customers coming from, is that influencer working? are your ads driving traffic? all these answers are ready for you there everything that enters your site and where they came from gets recorded there.

3- Behavior Flow

google analytics behavior flow









Where they landed? where they went after that? all your customer’s interactions are recorded there, this is extremely useful, it will show you if they like a page, if they don’t this is an extremely powerful tool  to diagnose customer behavior.

And these are only a few tools, Analytics is full of them and they are all free.

Now next time you get a website done or an online store ask your developer or advertising agency to install google analytics from day one.

If you have any questions fell free to contact us.

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