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What’s the big deal about of Google analytics?

Google analytics is probably the most useful tool that you can install on your website, statistics, behavior, bounce rates and so much more, did I also mention that is free? Surprisingly we see a lot of stores without the tool, since Google analytics only starts...

How to attract more customers online

The truth: It's all about the money... You'll see what I mean.   In this digital era it seems obvious that you must have a business online, right?, So you make it happen , hopping for the best. Doing the homework. You found the best web developer, a great...

The Power of Instagram Stories for Business

Unlock the power Social media has become a powerful tool in any digital marketing strategy. As social media platforms are improving constantly, new business applications are being discovered for them. That is the case of Instagram, this ever-growing platform with more...

Managing bad comments or bad reviews

How to manage a bad comment or a bad review on social media platforms? A bad comment is bad for business they say. Not all the time! When you do business online any kind of business from being a travel blogger, mommy blogger, crafty entrepreneur to a well known brand...

Social Media Content Plan

Social Media Content Plan Why you need a social media content plan? Like everything in life, when you set a goal you'll also choose a path that will help you achieve it. A series of steps to keep your ideas organized, being able to monitor any outcome and knowing what...

Creating Social Media Success

The Promise Who doesn't want to be a Social Media celebrity, with thousands of followers willing to buy anything that promote?, sounds like fantasy! Social media success does not happen overnight, it takes time and extraordinary efforts. As a matter of fact you will...

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