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Youtube as Marketing Tool?


Will fit just right into a marketing tool category. It’s simple, this social media platform has become the second largest search engine of internet.

With more than one billion users spending at least one hour daily, watching different kind of content.

A video sharing platform where users upload great variety of videos and others can subscribe to their channel, comment and share it.


  • Reaches a large percentage of the global market.
  • Catches views attention easily.
  • Is precise about advertisement targeting.

Will it work for a business?

Yes, yes, yes!!! For a business, Youtube will aid in Brand awareness, customer loyalty and also for those customers at the beginning of the purchase process.

Basically, with a Youtube channel you will be able to share video content with valuable information for your audience.

For example if you are a real state agent in your channel, you could showcase a new home listing with a tour inside the house.

Then, you have the Advertisement option. Remember “The first SIX SECONDS are FREE”, so you need to use them wise and be specific before the audience is able to skip the ad. Let’s be clear, nobody likes when they put the program on pause or wait for an ad to finish to start it.

Other options are a companion banner and a call to action overlay ate the end of the video.

Keep in mind.

  • Who and where your audience is.
  • Their behavior and interests.
  • Share valuable information.
  • No need to be professional.
  • No need expensive tools (Start with your phone).
  • Good lighting and audio, very important.
  • CTA, tell your audience where to go.
  • Make it easy for your viewer to find you.

Youtube will help you reach the ideal customer at the right time.

So, now it’s time for you to develop a great creative video for your perfect customer.

Happy Broadcast!!!

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Let me guess, you need more customers…

You should invest in advertising especially if you are doing fine.

It’s the oldest story in the book, a customer will call us when he has no sales, no customers and nothing new to offer, this is so common that I’m writing this article in hopes that it will change the way some business owners think.

So why, why you should invest all the time?, why your company should always have a marketing budget?.

Well a marketing budget is an insurance, yup an insurance for failure; let me put it this way, you have a super successful clothing store, everything is doing fine your sales are all over the top and the customers make super long lines to purchase your products. 10 blocks from your store a crazy entrepreneur is starting a new business and guess what is a clothing store, the store is half the size of yours, have a quarter of your inventory but it’s cool, non traditional, the type of store that will have virtual fitting rooms, online ordering from the web, social media and even snacks for the customers.

Since your new competitor delegates a ton to automation and online ordering he can save a ton of money on inventory, payroll and time, precious time.

You don’t know it yet but your sales are starting to slow down, at the beginning you’ll blame the rain, the holidays or the season, only to realize that your payroll is eating up your working capital and that your inventory is just sitting there.

What should you do?, first you have the amazing idea of doing some radio advertising only to realize radio is good for building a brand but not for saving it, then you’ll be a victim of those “first place on google guarantee” phone calls, again you find  out the hard way that Google ads it’s a money leak if you don’t have an optimized website with conversion tracking, landing pages, call tracking etc.

In a desperate act you start researching all over the internet and learn that your IT guy is not a marketing specialist, your website is build in a obsolete platform thanks to a freelancer or “website guy”.

Basically you learn that what you need is a professional, someone that knows, someone that understand marketing , a company that can get your business back on track.

The only problem is that you don’t have much money, you don’t have a budget and probably all your online presence is being held hostage by the website guy, he has all your passwords, your domains, social media accounts and your logo.

So how can you fix all this mess?, first of all set a budget, from now on you’ll need a marketing budget and you need to make it decent, nothing huge but decent, a percentage from your profits or something, keep in mind that you’ll need to build a whole new structure to rebuild your business from the ground up.

Then  you’ll need a strong website, in a great hosting environment, read about it (we recommend wordpress) if you need an online store go with shopify nothing is easier.

Find an agency that works with inbound marketing, not a regular agency. Why? because inbound marketing agencies focus only in results, regular agencies focus on exposure (you know that thing you needed when everything was doing fine).

Set up goals and be ready to make some drastic changes, the world has changed we need to change too.

I won’t lie to you ER (Emergency Room) Marketing is not pretty and the patient will take some time to heal, but once it does it will be better than ever…

But that doesn’t mean that after you are fine you will forget again to about the marketing budget!!!!

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google partners connect event

Get your business online with Google

Google Partners Connect

Hosting this kind of event give you the advantage to learn and share interesting information with customers.

Our latest Partners Connect was a blast, now we have great information to make your business step out of the crowd and rise into digital success.

Event wrap up

Here we share the most important tips from the experts:

  1. Lets go digital. Evolve, grow and get the power of making business everywhere.
  2. Your website needs to be mobile friendly. Consumers behaviors indicate an increasing tendency in shopping from mobile devices.
  3. Be short and precise to attract attention and grow your revenue. The attention span is getting shorter.
  4. People love to see what you do, so “post post post”. Remember great content with awesome pictures.
  5. Bring your business into life with amazing photos showing your store, products and how the can be use. Businesses with photos get 42% more engagement.
  6. Make sure your website is attractive, with simple navigation, well written, has useful tools and easy to search within.
  7. Put your business on the map with some free Google marketing tools. Create a free listing, leverage organic results with key words, advertise and share the right information with photos.

Our next event

Today’s tendency is to do business everywhere and the best way to do this, is to be accessible to your customer.

It might be a good idea to franchise your business, but it will be a huge capital inversion. However, investing in an online store requires less use of capital and time.

The benefit of a online store reside in the way you reach your customers and the opportunity to be present in different markets around the globe.

You could still have your physical store and have the online one that is working 24/7.

Take the advantage of having the best of the two worlds and grow your business.

Some people might like the old way to do business, but the changes are already in our present.

Right now we have the chance to adapt and evolve. Later would be difficult and expensive.


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Five reasons of why you need your own real estate website

There are multiple reasons why you need to start using your own website instead the one provided from your office.

Here we are going to state the top 5.

1.Your own website won’t go anywhere.

If you own a website you won’t loose it every time you move with a new company. It’s true that they give you a bunch of tools to market it, but the tools are extremely generic and  designed to be a one fits all solution in a saturated market like the real estate.

You don’t need a generic approach, what you need is to offer personalized and exclusive solutions to your customers.

2. It adapts quickly.

Big corporations have a large budget but the ability to change in any way is extremely limited, it could take years for them to adopt a new technology, in your case you can change really quick and adapt to new markets almost instantaneously.

3. Make it yours

It’s your site after all, you could design it anyway you want, add all the features you need and also every lead and every email will be yours and not theirs. Keeping a customer database can be a huge thing if you take advantage of it.

4. Be an specialist

Only the huge companies that spend millions of dollars on advertising can afford to target everybody, small business and individuals should focus on niche markets, for example, millions of people will be searching over the internet for houses on sale, but then they realize that they need to be more specific so they look for “houses for sale in Kendall with pool” this is a niche market and this is where you want to be.

5. You will actually show up on a google search

Google knows that real estate sites provided by real estate corporations are opened and closed every day, so they are not considered a reliable source of information, even if you stay with your office site for a long term, however if you change to a different company all your search ranking will go away, when you have your own site on a private server with a content managing platform like wordpress you are telling google that you are not just any realtor, you are here to stay, because of that you will be able to actually show up on Google.

We develop websites designed in wordpress and hosted in Google Cloud specifically designed for SEO (search engine optimization) that will put you on first page in no time and our starter plan for a full website self managed starts in $500 and we take care of everything.

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Branding takes the lead to create loyal customers.

Branding by Definition.

Branding was defined as the elements that identified a product or service from the rest of it’s competitors. Despite changes in marketing strategies and new technologies, people still thinks this definition it has not been modified with the past years. This concept, it’s more than just a logo, website, business card, slogan, fonts or colors used to represent a company. Branding is more than that, it has evolved into a macro element of today’s marketing strategies and it has become one of the pillars to success in the business environment. Nowadays, this pilar it’s seen as the perception of the customer when they hear, see or think about something related to your company.

Emotions, that bloom in customers or prospects hearts, even when they are not in direct contact with your product.

Branding is Everything.

Branding is the style, voice, vision, values, concept, culture, and characteristics that represent your business in the customers mind. Is a guide to understand your business with the ability to influence in their purchase decision and able to create loyalty.

To achieve this goal, not only it is important to be seen as a solution provider for your customers or prospects problems but also modified some details in your branding strategy.

  • Communicate your business idea y a very clear way, your believes and what you and your company stand for.
  • Be specific, give details on how you are able to solve their needs.
  • Choose your specialty, and focus on that.
  • Be a leader, show what you do best with real results.
  • Build credibility, based in great experiences.
  • Motivate a purchase decision, but never force it.
  • Cultivate a loyal customer, not a one time buyer.
  • Understand the changes of customers behaviors in the current market.

An integration of yesterday’s and today’s branding strategies, will lead you to loyal customers and will create loyal employees, that will proud of what they do and what they stand for with the company.


Helping is part of what we do best…

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Out of Fashion or the New Fashion?

We have seen lots of stores going out of business and more are already programmed to close down, but this is not a surprise or something that have happen overnight.

The retail stores are struggling to compete with online rivals, the industry is shaking and pieces of the online sales game are moving forward.

As customers have evolved into more smart consumers surrounded of information and tools to help them choose wisely; Retailers have failed to keep up the pace of the e-commerce environment.

This new fashion to shop online is growing very fast as new apps and new developments in social media networks are launch. A great mix of technology that we will be see playing great together in the next years to come.

In Numbers

  • 51% of Americans prefer online shopping rather than in stores.
  • 14% of growth rate yearly for online shopping.
  • Online sales will reach $530 billion by 2020.
  • The number of consumers browsing and buying online will reach 270 million by 2020.
  • Social media revenue will be increased by 64%.

Numbers that we have to keep in mind to succeed if we want to take a bite of the rich e-market cake.

World wide upgrades in e-commerce are a constant in today’s environment. Chat bots, artificial intelligence, mobile developments, apps, personalization and social media selling, just to name few of great technologies that will dictate the rhythm of these new changes for online sales.

Don’t Panic

Change and adapt, it won’t be difficult. Some tips will guide you to get in the right direction.

  1. Set up an online store.
  2. Display your products with great an neat images.
  3. Add social media to your marketing strategy.
  4. Make it easy for you and your customers add a point of sale and delivery plug-in on your web page.
  5. Last but not least. Get organized, “Logistics” are essential to succeed in e-commerce.

Now is the time… Invest in your future today. Start your own online store and increase your revenue.

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social media an indispensable tool

Social Media The Indispensable Tool.

Social Media has become very powerful in marketing strategies.

Today’s marketing strategies are increasing their social media implementation, so it’s not a secret to anyone that the old school ways to promote your brand and product are changing.

In 2016 there were more than 2.3 billion social media active users, plus more than 1.9 billion social media mobile users. This give us in result 83% of marketers that have already used social media tactics to increase sales and boost brand identity.

With these numbers rising up as I write, it will be better to think for a minute how to take advantage and adopt social media as a strategy for your business.

In this digital era, changes in consumer behavior, have proof to marketing analysts that if traditional businesses don’t switch to the new tendencies, they will hardly survive the next wave of social media improvements.

Remember  everyday social network companies are using artificial intelligence to adjust their algorithms to consumers behaviors online.

What is happening right now with social media?

Consumers are focus in building relationships with brands and products, this means that they are not buying just because they need it.

Consumers will buy if the motivation it’s trigger by more that one element, you’ll need a mixture of them.

  • Quality Product.
  • Recommended by others.
  • Different uses.
  • Great price.
  • Lifestyle benefits.
  • Excellent customer service and support.
  • Added value to the product.
  • Part of their age culture.
  • Available online.

and much more…

Digital marketing has become pretty aggressive nowadays. That’s for sure!

Recent reports have shown that social media users are more likely to make a purchase the same day, than those that have to make the trip to the shop.

Take action today! Be present online and build your social media community for your business.Sooner or later the old sales and promotion methods will die out, don’t let your business become obsolete.

Be part of this digital era.

We know how hard it is to have an outstanding digital marketing strategy…
Let us focus on this, so you can do business.

Check out our Social Media services.

define your target audience

Define your Target Audience.

Why it’s so important to define your target audience?

When you have a product or service to offer you can’t expect to sell it to everyone, because not every customer have the same exactly need or interest.

Instead of trying to push your product or service to the whole planet first research a bit and answer some questions to help you find your target audience.

  • What do you offer a product or service?
  • What are your advantages over similar products?
  • Evaluate your current customers (age, gender, profession, location and interests). What motivates them and what they like?
  • Analyze the competition.  Find out what works for them and do it better.

Once you answer this questions  you can create your buyer persona with its motivations and interests. Create that perfect customer that will always be there supporting your product or service. Your target then must meet this characteristics.

It might seem difficult to find your perfect fit, but once you find it you will succeed all the way and marketing efforts will have better results.

The fact of knowing your target audience, characteristics, motivations and interests, will allow to create  a strong marketing strategy that boost your sales.


set marketing goals

Is time to set your Marketing goals

Set up your Marketing goals today!

Every once in awhile we have to stop our automatization and mind to think about what we want to achieve. This is not an easy task but without it, your strategy, business plan or idea just won’t work.

So, when customers ask for advice on How to make local SEO work? Or What to post in their social media networks? Or as simple as Which one is the best theme for their business web page?, the answer is always the same: “Sit down, relax and think what you want to achieve with your product or service? and How far will you want to go with it?, questions that only the customer could answer, because their dreams and goals are unique and our only job it’s to make it happen.

Set up your goals but they must be written down, not only in your mind!

1- Be specific and think about:

  • What you want to get from your product or service?
  • How want do you want your product or service to be seen?
  • Ask yourself, How you can do this? And why you want this?
  • Prioritize in order of importance what can be accomplished first?

2- Measurable goals, this way you can keep track of your progress, make adjustments, meet deadlines and stay motivated during the progress.
You have to be able to answer questions like: How long?, How many? And How to know when it is accomplished?.

3- Your goal need to be realistic, remember your goal must adapt to your budget, deadline, location, customers needs, production process and all the process that will make your product or service a success.

4- Relevant, the goal must be relevant to generate an impact in your business, worthwhile, match other needs, can be done under actual budget and also it is the right time to implement.

5- Prioritize what to do first in order to be more productive, schedule and set up a deadline to meet.

Clear your mind and dream because when you work hard for what you want, all your dreams come true. Remember goal achievement requires commitment and sacrifice.

Motivation is the key to success.

Five tips to succeed in your Social Media Strategy

Today many companies are struggling to create presence on social media and this is because they want to do all the work by themselves, but the thing is they are not doing it right.


Here we share some tips to help you understand better how social media works.

  1. POST ON TIME: Posting information on time will help you catch the attention need it. Why? Because when you want to be seen, you just need to show up when everybody is looking.
  2. BE TRENDY: Social media is changing everyday and also your customers interests.  Be ahead of the changes in the air and always looking for new trends. Every post need to be fresh and interesting.
  3. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS: When you know your customers and shopping preferences you will be able to show them a product that is specific for their needs and shopping patterns.
  4. KNOW WHEN IT’S TOO MUCH: Always adopt the social media networks that can be handle by yourself and those networks that might be successful for your company or product.
  5. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME: Before doing any social media marketing, you need a web page to drive your traffic there, so don’t waste your time if you don’t have a web page. When you get lots of followers you won’t be able to transform them into real customers and the opportunity to gain their businesses and interest will be lost.

Social media is a great marketing tool if they are used in the right way and get the proper attention, also they will give you the opportunity to reach out more prospects than other regular marketing tools. Try them out and find the best one that fits your product or brand. Don’t be afraid to use them! Time and dedication is the clue to achieve success and the way to keep up with the new changes on social media.


Good luck.

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