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Managing bad comments or bad reviews

How to manage a bad comment or a bad review on social media platforms?

A bad comment is bad for business they say. Not all the time!

When you do business online any kind of business from being a travel blogger, mommy blogger, crafty entrepreneur to a well known brand with lot of products or services, it’s fact to come into contact with different people.

The beauty of social media platforms is that they’re open to the world and you get exposure. ¬†Exposure comes with a price. Your product, service or content does not have to be loved by everyone.

There is not solution to this matter and as one of my favorite singers says “Hater will hate”, that’s their job! But think about this, a bad comment is a comment after all. What you should do is learn how to manage it. Good things comes after bad ones, remember that.

Let me share some tips that will help you:

  1. Do not panic, this is so important.
  2. Read carefully, because you need to understand an emotion and what it’s trying say. Maybe you could get better as a result of this comment.
  3. Let everyone know that you’re open for any comment and wiling to fix if it is in your hands.
  4. Never delete a bad comment, the best way is to address them in a good way. However, those inappropriate ones might be better to remove them.
  5. Put yourself into their shoes and give an answer that will help to calm down the fire, even if it wasn’t your fault.
  6. Time sensitive, the key here is to monitor constantly, do not delay your response. Don’t let it go until is settle and keep monitoring.
  7. Fighting is never a solution, even if you know you’re right. Keep calm you, got this!
  8. Keep track of bad comments, because you’ll be able to give follow up to them and even know if this is a real problem in your business.

The digital world comes with greatness but also with nightmares. You spend time and effort to reach that greatness, but you have to master those nightmares too.


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Social Media Content Plan

Social Media Content Plan

Why you need a social media content plan?

Like everything in life, when you set a goal you’ll also choose a path that will help you achieve it.

A series of steps to keep your ideas organized, being able to monitor any outcome and knowing what to do when something goes wrong.

If a plan is being set, then is easier to make arrangements and adjustments depending on your customers behavior. With a plan you’ll be able to know what resources are need it to make it happen. It’ll¬†keep your business focused on important strategies while saving time.

How to make a content plan?

  • Set goals for the month, be realistic on what you expect.
  • Depending on your goals, make a list of content to publish, include photo to post and don’t forget hashtags.
  • Set ups a photoshoot day for your monthly content if need it. You own photos will produce more engagement, so get creative.
  • Determine responsibilities. What to do?, who’ll do it?, how? and when?.
  • Keep in mind important dates during the month. This way you’ll avoid awkward posts.
  • Every social media channel is a different environment. Review each content before you post.
  • Set a spread sheet with your content, photo, hashtag, date to publish and responsible. this way it will be easy to monitor and keep track of results.
  • Last but not least, keep in mind your audience and what they expect from you.

Having a content plan will help you work better while creating great content for your audience.

Out of ideas? Here is a whole month of them, but don’t forget the tips above:

This is February with extra days to help you out.

Lot of info to process… I know, but if you need extra help we are all ears, contact us!

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Good Luck!!!




Creating Social Media Success

The Promise

Who doesn’t want to be a Social Media celebrity, with thousands of followers willing to buy anything that promote?, sounds like fantasy!

Social media success does not happen overnight, it takes time and extraordinary efforts.

As a matter of fact you will need to learn, understand and anticipate different aspects of your audience depending on the social media platform.


Understand The Basics

Define your ideal customer

When you don’t know who you’re talking to, your message gets diluted in the crowd. In other other words, all your time and money will be wasted.

This is when the use of an avatar is a great idea, because you’ll shape it into your buyers persona.

This character will be the perfect customer and the perfect fit for your products or services. But there is a catch!

You must know everything about it and I mean EVERYTHING.

Give shape to this magical person, get creative and be specific. Here are some questions that might help you create the most important person in your business.

  • Name it, you have to do it, (Lets use Frank for example).
  • Where does Frank lives?
  • Age?
  • Marital status?
  • Any kids? How many?
  • What does he do for living?
  • Income $$$?
  • Hobbies?
  • Style?
  • When does he goes on line?
  • What was his last search?
  • Where does Frank shop, eat, party, relax, exercise (and so on)?

You need to know every detail of that perfect customer, the one that you’re looking for that will fall in love with your products, brand and services.


One size doesn’t fits all

Don’t try too sell your goods to everybody, that old strategy does not work anymore.

Understand the relationship between your product and the ideal customer. Take this for example.

Product: a ball. Ok great but, narrow the information.

  • This ball is for a boy or a girl?, the design and color matter.
  • Appropriate for what age?, not every size suite every kid.
  • Used? Specific sport or activity?, it’s not the same a soccer ball than a golf ball.
  • Is this product will be available at an specific location?, some communities won’t be able to use with your product ( I mean imagine golf in Alaska).

Questions like those will give you more specific information about why your product is different from others.

Learning about customers behaviors and characteristics from your buyer persona won’t guarantee you success, but is an essential part to make it happen.


Social Media is not just for fun, is a great tool to showcase your products while educating, informing or entertaining your audience, but it has to be done right.

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Facebook is making drastic changes

Big Facebook Changes

2018 a year for changes in social media. Lets face it,  did you really think that everything was going to keep moving smoothly?, Nope!

Here it comes, more changes to Facebook Algorithm were announced at the beginning of the year.

The main goal of these changes are to connect people through meaningful interactions, while they spend more quality time on the social platform.

The change will affect directly the news feed; it will decrease the bombarding of posts from businesses, brands, publishers and media, which means less information too. Instead posts from family, friends and groups will be seen as a result.

This reaction came after a research,  showing that interaction between the people you care about was more engaging over other types of connections. This comes after a decrease of active consumers on the platform, different fakes news published and the increase of users only engaging through live-streams.

What does this means for your business?

A game changer for businesses. Expect less engagement and less content shown to your audience.

In other words, if it’s not making a conversation it won’t show up.

However, paid ads were not mention, suggesting a way to be seen as a result of the changes. Which might also bring an increase of price for advertisement too.

It seems that this won’t a fair game.

What can we do to battle the giant?

  1. One way to go around might be by using more user generated content (UGC) and influencers, that bring genuine character to every interaction.
  2. Create better content that inspire others to spar a conversation around it, with more opportunity of sharing it.
  3. Pay for ads to promote your posts.
  4. Live-Streaming constantly.

Now it is time to monitor closely the changes, to be able to come up with better strategies and get around the algorithm to make work in our favor. Don’t wait for the changes to come, work ahead with the little information that has been shared.


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Influencers under the scope

Influencers Under the Scope

Last year we saw how big brands used Influencers Marketing to promote their products and grow their engagement with their audience. Now lets check what’s important to know about “the Influencer” behind this tactic.

Influencers and Micro-influencers

They are like celebrities or stars in Social Media Networks, providing trustful comments and information about a product or service, but in a human way.

They have the ability of influence over potential buyers and can have a big effect on their purchasing decision.


Macro vs Micro

Macro-Influencers (Influencers:) are like superstars with a huge audience to engage with, while some comments or questions can get diluted over tons of comments.

Micro-Influencers: are more locally stars, with a smaller size audience, but with more impact and feedback.

Influencer Marketing is a form of  marketing, that can be part of your Social Media Marketing.  These social media stars (well informed and knowledgable people) give advices, comments, reviews and share their personals experiences and interaction with your product. They have the ability to build trust and confidence around your product, in the way that a prospect buyer is willing to buy.

Is a way of word of mouth in a broad channel.

So, if this is not a part of the business strategy for 2018, now it’s time!

Influencer marketing is rising everyday. Live-streams will keep providing a genuine interaction and engagement, and also videos will be an important tool.

Take Advantage

  1. Engage better with your audience using videos or live-streams on a regular basis.
  2. Let the influencer show all the best applications for the product.
  3. Show behind the scenes and how its made, like an interview type program conducted by the influencer.
  4. Accounts takeover for stories, where the influencer is able to take followers to your account.
  5. Product review or testimonials from real users, even if they are not influencers also work.

Don’t leave money on the table and use all the tools and strategies available to make this 2018 a wonderful year.¬†It will be great for E-commerce and Social Media, be sure to keep it up.


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Holiday shopping frenzy

8 tips to Enhance your marketing strategy for the holidays

What’s all the fuss about Holiday Shopping?

From early November until the end of December, business owners might see an increase of revenue. Months that are all about gifts and sharing. The most profitable time of the year might need help.

Your products will need to pop out from the crowd and face the fierce race to be the chosen one. The perfect product for a prefect gift.

Dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are when customers will get more active. Afterwards, they’ll keep looking for any seasonal deal. Then after Christmas it will be more about stocking for next year.

A Holiday Marketing Campaign will with this task.

Some ideas to make it happen:

  1. Have you ever heard about “Who hits first, hits twice”. Well yes early birds in promotion their products and deals will have the advantage. Start early and engage with more customers.
  2. Know your target, their behavior and what motivates them. Check your analytics for better understanding. This way you can create a promotion with knowledge.
  3. Find out the holiday that fits your products and target. You’ll be able to create a campaign that create an impact and tech your goals.
  4. Think outside the box. Coupons are old fashion, try to add some value. For example if you sell copper mugs show them the recipe of the Moscow Mule and how cool it will look in your product.
  5. Use every channel to promote, but keep in mind their limits and regulations. Posting time and great photos will be the key.
  6. Paid ads, a must during this time to expand your reach.
  7. Share in advance your deals with loyal customers. They can plan ahead and keep you in mind.
  8. Be genuine and creative, this can make a huge difference.

This is the most stressful time of the year for a business owner, with great results.Try to have fun with your precious customers and enjoy the season.

Happy Holidays.


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You need more than a pretty website, 3 tools to check your website performance

When a webpage is super nice, features awesome products that anyone may buy and also show great photos of their products; The first thing that cross your mind would be “they must be making lot of money online”, right?. But could not be true in some cases.

A website could look awesome and it might seems to be working great, but you have to look deeper. Find out if it really works that well.

It’s not only about a good looking site, it takes more than that to build a great working online store.

So, if you feel like this is your case , don’t feel guilty. Take action and put it to the test.

Here are some ways to know how and what to change, in order to make your online store work better!

3 Tools to improve your webpage.

Change your strategy but with knowledge.

  1. Google Page Speed: Measures the performance, quality of the code and the loading speed of your website. This is something critical because without a good performance your website won’t show up to any audience. It will be like it’s invisible. If you want to sell you must be there.
  2. Google Mobile Friendliness Test: It will test the performance of your site on mobile devices. Mobile environment is changing the game, people are searching and buying from their phones everywhere. As a part of the search engine algorithm, it’s a fact that if your site is not mobile friendly you’ll rank in the first pages of a search.
  3. Google Analytics: This tool will give you information about your audience behavior and track their interaction with your site. With this information you can adapt your strategy to get stronger results.

These tools will give you a great amount of information that you could use to optimize your site and work at the pace of the changing algorithms. You’ll have better chance of getting more profits if your site works better than it looks.


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10 Tips to get your Store ready for the Holiday Shopping Season

Ready for holiday shopping season?

Shopping season madness is just around the corner.

With less than 30 days away the shopping madness is getting closer to make any business owner’s life a bit stressful.

Is a fact that people wait until this time of the year to take advantage of any discount available. A tradition to protect their budgets.

As soon as November shows up, wish lists are written down, as well as discount magazines are sent out. Expectations are created and the environment gets tense. It’s like a frenzy to get the best deals for trendy products.

Customers are on the run, like a race to get as much benefit as the can afford. On the other hand for business owners is the most profitable season, which is way is also a great opportunity to be prepared and make it happen. Maximize profits and end the year worry free.

This year online shopping will play an important role, with an increase of 18%. People are planing to buy  more online instead of at the brick-and-mortar madness. It sounds like a bad news, but if you want to beat the prediction you better get your strategy in shape. You need a online store working right now!

Here we share some ideas to help you with this busy and magical time.

Ready, Set, Go…

  1. Refresh your online store, make it easy to use for customers.
  2. Need to be mobile friendly, it’s a trend to buy from their mobiles this days, don’t waste this opportunity.
  3. Customers are looking everywhere for the perfect gift, be present everywhere online.
  4. Video ads on social media will have a huge impact, don’t stay behind.
  5. Inventory, check it, re-check and re-stock.
  6. Give a little extra “FREE SHIPPING”.
  7. If you are not on Shopify, check your service provider you don’t want your web store slow, crashing, collapsing or out of service.
  8. Get your lists ready too, send your loyal customers special deals.
  9. Showcase all your products, even if they’re out of fashion. It’ll be a good chance to sell it.
  10. Display in store what they are looking for online.

The busiest time of the year for your online store will be November and the first two weeks of December, so if you have your strategy in place, don’t forget to get some help as well a lot of shipping material.

We know you are doing your much more than you can to be at the top of the game for your business, but you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Let us help you.

We can refresh and customize your Shopify store, design or re-design your logo, create online ads based on analytics, upload products, manage your social media and also install apps to help your online store work even better.

You still have time to get you online store working!

Shopify store and no sales? try a paid theme!

We all know the formula (new Shopify store+Money on marketing= no sales), is your store in Shopify not selling anything or just not enough?

Get a paid theme.

Yes if your store is not selling you should get one, Shopify free themes are as good as they can be, and often they can be useful to start and set something that only your friends and family will access, after all they know you, they know you will deliver. But an stranger buying from a store that looks ugly or that¬† doesn’t display the products right, well that’s not gonna happen.

I’m sorry to tell you this but on the internet we do judge books by their cover, this means that you do need to look not perfect but you have to look gorgeous, our dear internet is full of scams, frauds, phishing etc. You can’t expect anyone to buy from an ugly store.

Paid Shopify themes will give you the chance to look professional fast and easy, they’ll give you the option to add more content to your home page, have better looking sections and feature your top selling products the right way.

But wait, it’s not only about the look

Shopify paid themes are also designed to feature your products better, you’ll have bigger product pictures, description tabs and accordions, color swatches, extra pictures etc. most of the paid themes also behave better under the hood, they are designed to please the search engine and to load fast, really fast. They are also ready to feature your Instagram and twitter accounts and they come with the email capturing pop up included this means less apps to install that will slow down your store.

You’ll also get support, paid themes have great support, you can count on the developers of the theme if you need help performing tweaks and little improvements.

They’ll raise the bar for you

The more you have the more you want, your perception will improve, now you’ll want your store to look professional pushing your picture taking to the limits, because the look and feel of your store is now a priority the entire concept of the company will change, you’ll evolve from the I have a store to I have an eCommerce site.

Sales will increase

What does good looking and trustworthy have in common? they get all the customers, your store will be now a mature sales funnel creating trust on your customers from the first interaction. Also are you really willing to put advertising money on a store that looks like a weekend project?

Make it yours…

Now that you don’t have a stock looking theme is time to give your store a more personal look, take your own product pictures or hire someone to do it, it’s also time to include you in the formula, forget about being an anonymous seller social validation has proved that people want to do business with people, tell them your story, show them your face, your way of living, show them who you are.

If you need help at any point of your eCommerce journey we are here for you.



Social Validation as Marketing Tool

Influencers effect on buying patterns

With the rised of influencers and micro-influencers to promote products on social media platforms, the social validation has become an important aspect to keep in mind to social media campaign or marketing effort.

Nowadays buyers decisions are based on opinions and recommendations of others, seen on this digital platforms.¬†Seems like these “social media celebs” are not the only ones to be trusted, because people want to see real customers using the products too.

True! Social validation has been around for decades, but the difference is that with today’s technologies is easier to reach and attract customers.

Massive  changes in social media platforms has given the chance to developers to create more specialized apps to aid with social validation and with the issue of real customers feedback.

Instagram with it’s large amount of users and it awesome visual content, is the ideal platform to generate social validation visually.

That is why the decision to develop an app able to promote products being used by real customers and not just paid ads or influencers that will approved the product.

Introducing PhotoReview

A brand new app developed by Seeed LLC for Shopify online stores owners, to generate social validation through real customers using the store Instagram feed.

A short Q&A session with the mind behind the app

  1.  What is PhotoReview?

    ¬†It’s a social validation tool, designed to work as a visual review, validating a product using pictures from your Instagram account.

  2. How does this app works? Just add the script or code to your product page file, add a hashtag to your product tags, and post on Instagram with the hashtag, the app will match each post with the product that contains the hashtag.
  3. How it will help to increase my sales? Customers will be able to see the product in use by different people and in many different ways, this not only validates the product but also gives a more human approach than the professional photos that a product usually has.
  4. Why do you think a customer’s review is so important?¬†They are important because they create trust, they work as an indirect version of the traditional word of mouth.
  5. How the idea of the app came to your head? We needed a way to validate the effectiveness of fishing lures, so I thought what if we can place a photo of every single fish we get with that lure? and that was how all started.
  6. In your experience, How it was to create this app?¬†It’s an extremely long process, each platform is different, and you have to adapt the app not only to Shopify but also to the server, the themes and comply with Instagram requirements.
  7. What does it takes to create any app? A great team of developers, someone in charge of the quality control of the functionality and another one to control the code that the developers deliver, in other words a team of experts.
  8. How difficult it is to work with big companies like Shopify and Instagram? Extremely difficult, because you never talk to a person, everything is done by email or tickets, it can be very frustrating to wait 3 days to get a yes or no.
  9. What happens after the app is ready? What you should do? Market the heck out of it, offer it to customers to get reviews, basically advertise it all over the place.
  10. What do you think is the next technology that will bloom in terms of apps? Anything related to augmented reality, the ability to see the item in the right place, like a base or a lamp in your living room, this will not only increase sales but also decrease product returns, because the customer will be able to perform a more intelligent purchase.

If you have any question leave a comment below or fill up the form.