Square APIs enable you to accept payments securely, create bookings, process subscriptions, enhance your catalog and so much more, integrate your app with Square’s  product ecosystem.

Develop a platform that customers trust

Build apps for today’s business & customers’ needs.

Your best allied to build and integrate your platform with Square

We have more that 3 years being one of the top square solution providers in the US this not only means that we are extremely familiar with the platform and the API’s it also means that we have a lot already done, We can integrate in days instead of months your platform with Square.

Seeed has been featured in the Square Unboxed developer event for 3 Consecutive years, and we won 3 prizes in 2021’s hackathon including most impressive technological integration.

Enable more experiences

Build online, mobile, and in-person commerce experiences that connect more customers.

Accept payments

Create and track orders

Manage a product catalog

Organize customers

Adjust inventory

Manage employees

We are Square Solution Providers

Our Apps

Learn more about the applications we created to solve the problem that “has no solution”

With Seeed you get

  • eCommerce Experts with a proven record of success
  • Implement new features on record time
  • Optimal results with an agile methodology
  • Carbon neutral developments on Google Cloud.
  • Nearshore teams on your timezone
  • Senior-level team to build and develop your projects