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We are Square partners to deliver flexible, secure, and scalable eCommerce solutions and integrations to our clients.

From custom Apps and SaaS developments to omnichannel  experiences.

Our Agile full-stack development teams will migrate, design, or build your web-based business with Square. We create tailor-made solutions for your business, developing a winning strategy, enhancing, improving or creating Apps or complete SaaS systems from scratch.

Square Unboxed Hackathon 2021 winners
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Most Impressive Technical Integration
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Best Snippet For Square Online
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Unleash Square’s true potential with our Apps

Learn more about the applications we have created as Square providers to solve problems that seem to have no solution,
and deliver them in record time.

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Why Seeed?

Always on time, always on budget, always exceeding expectations.

  • We create apps for today’s business needs
  • Seeed finds real solutions for your business problems
  • Integrate easily your core service with Square API’s
  • Product, marketing and tech support
  • Tailor-made solutions for merchants

We created, maintain and support the react-square-web-payments-sdk!

React-square-web-payments-sdk is a library that will help developers easily build payment forms by passing only some parameters and having a Square account.

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Clients served