Influencers effect on buying patterns

With the rised of influencers and micro-influencers to promote products on social media platforms, the social validation has become an important aspect to keep in mind to social media campaign or marketing effort.

Nowadays buyers decisions are based on opinions and recommendations of others, seen on this digital platforms. Seems like these “social media celebs” are not the only ones to be trusted, because people want to see real customers using the products too.

True! Social validation has been around for decades, but the difference is that with today’s technologies is easier to reach and attract customers.

Massive  changes in social media platforms has given the chance to developers to create more specialized apps to aid with social validation and with the issue of real customers feedback.

Instagram with it’s large amount of users and it awesome visual content, is the ideal platform to generate social validation visually.

That is why the decision to develop an app able to promote products being used by real customers and not just paid ads or influencers that will approved the product.

Introducing PhotoReview

A brand new app developed by Seeed LLC for Shopify online stores owners, to generate social validation through real customers using the store Instagram feed.

A short Q&A session with the mind behind the app

  1.  What is PhotoReview?

     It’s a social validation tool, designed to work as a visual review, validating a product using pictures from your Instagram account.

  2. How does this app works? Just add the script or code to your product page file, add a hashtag to your product tags, and post on Instagram with the hashtag, the app will match each post with the product that contains the hashtag.
  3. How it will help to increase my sales? Customers will be able to see the product in use by different people and in many different ways, this not only validates the product but also gives a more human approach than the professional photos that a product usually has.
  4. Why do you think a customer’s review is so important? They are important because they create trust, they work as an indirect version of the traditional word of mouth.
  5. How the idea of the app came to your head? We needed a way to validate the effectiveness of fishing lures, so I thought what if we can place a photo of every single fish we get with that lure? and that was how all started.
  6. In your experience, How it was to create this app? It’s an extremely long process, each platform is different, and you have to adapt the app not only to Shopify but also to the server, the themes and comply with Instagram requirements.
  7. What does it takes to create any app? A great team of developers, someone in charge of the quality control of the functionality and another one to control the code that the developers deliver, in other words a team of experts.
  8. How difficult it is to work with big companies like Shopify and Instagram? Extremely difficult, because you never talk to a person, everything is done by email or tickets, it can be very frustrating to wait 3 days to get a yes or no.
  9. What happens after the app is ready? What you should do? Market the heck out of it, offer it to customers to get reviews, basically advertise it all over the place.
  10. What do you think is the next technology that will bloom in terms of apps? Anything related to augmented reality, the ability to see the item in the right place, like a base or a lamp in your living room, this will not only increase sales but also decrease product returns, because the customer will be able to perform a more intelligent purchase.

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