Social Media Content Plan

Why you need a social media content plan?

Like everything in life, when you set a goal you’ll also choose a path that will help you achieve it.

A series of steps to keep your ideas organized, being able to monitor any outcome and knowing what to do when something goes wrong.

If a plan is being set, then is easier to make arrangements and adjustments depending on your customers behavior. With a plan you’ll be able to know what resources are need it to make it happen. It’ll keep your business focused on important strategies while saving time.

How to make a content plan?

  • Set goals for the month, be realistic on what you expect.
  • Depending on your goals, make a list of content to publish, include photo to post and don’t forget hashtags.
  • Set ups a photoshoot day for your monthly content if need it. You own photos will produce more engagement, so get creative.
  • Determine responsibilities. What to do?, who’ll do it?, how? and when?.
  • Keep in mind important dates during the month. This way you’ll avoid awkward posts.
  • Every social media channel is a different environment. Review each content before you post.
  • Set a spread sheet with your content, photo, hashtag, date to publish and responsible. this way it will be easy to monitor and keep track of results.
  • Last but not least, keep in mind your audience and what they expect from you.

Having a content plan will help you work better while creating great content for your audience.

Out of ideas? Here is a whole month of them, but don’t forget the tips above:

This is February with extra days to help you out.

Lot of info to process… I know, but if you need extra help we are all ears, contact us!

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Good Luck!!!