We all know the formula (new Shopify store+Money on marketing= no sales), is your store in Shopify not selling anything or just not enough?

Get a paid theme.

Yes if your store is not selling you should get one, Shopify free themes are as good as they can be, and often they can be useful to start and set something that only your friends and family will access, after all they know you, they know you will deliver. But an stranger buying from a store that looks ugly or that  doesn’t display the products right, well that’s not gonna happen.

I’m sorry to tell you this but on the internet we do judge books by their cover, this means that you do need to look not perfect but you have to look gorgeous, our dear internet is full of scams, frauds, phishing etc. You can’t expect anyone to buy from an ugly store.

Paid Shopify themes will give you the chance to look professional fast and easy, they’ll give you the option to add more content to your home page, have better looking sections and feature your top selling products the right way.

But wait, it’s not only about the look

Shopify paid themes are also designed to feature your products better, you’ll have bigger product pictures, description tabs and accordions, color swatches, extra pictures etc. most of the paid themes also behave better under the hood, they are designed to please the search engine and to load fast, really fast. They are also ready to feature your Instagram and twitter accounts and they come with the email capturing pop up included this means less apps to install that will slow down your store.

You’ll also get support, paid themes have great support, you can count on the developers of the theme if you need help performing tweaks and little improvements.

They’ll raise the bar for you

The more you have the more you want, your perception will improve, now you’ll want your store to look professional pushing your picture taking to the limits, because the look and feel of your store is now a priority the entire concept of the company will change, you’ll evolve from the I have a store to I have an eCommerce site.

Sales will increase

What does good looking and trustworthy have in common? they get all the customers, your store will be now a mature sales funnel creating trust on your customers from the first interaction. Also are you really willing to put advertising money on a store that looks like a weekend project?

Make it yours…

Now that you don’t have a stock looking theme is time to give your store a more personal look, take your own product pictures or hire someone to do it, it’s also time to include you in the formula, forget about being an anonymous seller social validation has proved that people want to do business with people, tell them your story, show them your face, your way of living, show them who you are.

If you need help at any point of your eCommerce journey we are here for you.

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