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At Seeed, we’re Shopify web developers with eCommerce headless solutions
for enterprise merchants that need to scale their business.

Custom Software Development

Shopify Theme Customization

Mobile Experience Optimization Responsiveness

Improve the Loading Page Speed

Apps Integrations

Improve the Checkout Experience

Working with a Shopify certified partner helps you to

Focus on what matters

 With our custom eCommerce development you get personalized service based on your needs and industry. For you to focus on your business growth, leaving it all in our hands.

Find the expertise you need

You don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help you get the site performance, buyer’s journey, unique designs, app integration, and higher Conversion rate you’re looking for.

Get your projects done, on your terms

Our personalized solutions allow us to focus on each feature at the team, offering limitless software development. We’re experts in improving your customer’s shopping experiences.

Going Headless in Shopify with Shogun

A decoupled CMS or a Headless CMS combines APIs’ power with a serverless infrastructure, allowing you to unify all your data in one CMS. As well as to distribute it to multiple frontends and manage your mobile apps content, sibling sites, and even intranets.

shogun frontend partners

Headless eCommerce’s main benefits

By creating unique experiences for your customers, you make sure to stand out

Headless tech optimizes your site’s loading time, to increase your conversion opportunities.

Accessing the most relevant tech stack in the market, sets your business apart from other competitors.

You should go headless if

You need a theme customization

Improve site performance [Increase conversion rate, Decrease bounce rate, decrease page-load time]

Offer unique experiences for your customers

Improve customer experience on mobile

If you can dream it, you can sell it with Shopify and Seeed

Millions of businesses in 175 countries worldwide have made over
$496 billion USD in sales using Shopify. You can also make it happen with Seeed’s experts, the best Shopify web developers.

eCommerce Migration

You can sell everywhere

Utilize a single platform to sell goods to everyone, anywhere—online, via social media, and through your website and Point of Sale.

Managing everything

Gain the insights you need to grow. Use a single dashboard to manage orders, shipping, and payments anywhere.

Marketing your business

Take the guesswork out of marketing with built-in tools that help you create, execute, and analyze digital marketing campaigns.

Looking for customized themes?

You got them with Shopify

As Shopify web developers and experts, at Seeed we can help you migrate your current themes to a more user-friendly platform, fast and easy. Adapting to your industry and product needs, and increasing your chances to optimize your site’s speed and performance.

Seeed, your best Shopify web developers and partners’ choice

  • We are eCommerce experts & developers.
  • We are UX/UI Designers. Offering development and design focused on the Customer shopping experience.
  • We are certified Shopify Plus partners.
  • More than 40+ eCommerce developed with custom solutions for each industry and brand.

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