We create Apps for Shopify

And we create them in the heart of Miami

Yes, Apps for Shopify

Made in USA

Why is so important that our Apps are being developed here in Miami? it’s simple we have Non disclosure agreements with all our developers and customers unlike in other “companies” or countries what happens in our office stays in our office, your customer data will be safe and most importantly your idea will be protected by US laws.

need an app?

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Take a look at one of Our  Apps

Photo review is our spoiled child, based on the need for social proof of one of our customers we got this crazy idea of reinforcing the looks, the quality and the performance of a product using your customers posts, the results? and app that shows all the pictures posted on your account with the hashtag of your choice, just create a hashtag for a product post a picture with the hashtag and the app will present it next to the product.

What kind of apps can we develop for Shopify?

Tailor Made Apps

Have an a great idea?, bring your NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and let’s build it for you, our Apps are able to adapt to any requirement or user demand.

if you can imagine it we can build it for you…

Inventory Sync Apps

Connect to your supplier directly, get inventory quantities, prices and item locations, place orders directly, get tracking numbers, cancel orders, in short words

let the app work do the logistics while you focus on the sale

Marketing Apps

We are marketeers by nature, so we love to create marketing apps, let’s make your idea available to all the stores on the Shopify ecosystem, grow your business and 

create passive income for your business…

Why you should choose us to develop your next Shopify App?

Hosted on Google Cloud

Because we are Google cloud partners we can create apps that escalate themselves automatically the server will adapt according to your needs

never down and never slow

We are shopify experts

This means that we have been performing extremely well not only migrating customers to the platform but also helping them to succeed.

this is the platform you need…

Top Level Security

Because our Apps are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform they are extremely well protected, all the security, updates and server maintenance is done by Google.

so we can sleep better every night…

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