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Why work with Shogun? The Merchant-first Headless Commerce Platform

What you’ll achieve. Create pages that convert Create an exceptional shopping experience that converts with a powerful drag-and-drop visual builder.

Are you ready to go Headless?

Most of the customers that decided to go Headless, had the following improvements in their store:

Increased conversion rate by

Decreased bounce rate by

Increased revenue per user by

Increased average order value by

 About Shogun and Headless eCommerce

Shogun converts more with richer merchandizing and sub-second store speed. It’s a Headless platform built for merchants. And its page builder and frontend features help customize + transform any store into a Headless commerce progressive web app.

Traditional eCommerce vs. Headless Commerce

Front-end processes tied to back-end processes.
Customization is possible, but only within the parameters of specified front-end tools.
Lower front-end development cost.
Offers an omnichannel experience on occasion.
Front-end processes tied to back-end processes.
Limited flexibility.
Back-end processes are decoupled from pre-defined front-end processes.
Unlimited customization and personalization.
Higher front-end development cost.
Unlimited customization and personalization.
Full omnichannel experience.
More flexibility through front-end sales tools that can be adjusted.

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Seeed’s experts work under Agile and Scrum methodologies for turnkey projects. We’re committed to making your software development initiatives a reality, faster and easier. For over the past decade, we have been creating unique eCommerce experiences.

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