Managed Hosting designed for SEO

We took everything we know about SEO and WordPress to tailor the best hosting solution

So what’s all the fuzz about?

We’ll we are super proud of our WordPress instances because we created them by reverse engineering, we took everything we know about what the search engines want from a server perspective and build our instances to please them. The result is a wordpress installation that hits the 84% mark at the google page speed with no optimization at all, this is really good (just in case you don’t know what it means).

Ready to have the ultimate hosting?

Hosted on Google Cloud

Because we are Google cloud partners and because 80% of our SEO efforts are to get better rank spots on Google we hosted our servers with them, the result?

well… never down and never slow

A blazing fast database

Nginx is the latest and greatest, is so good that it’s the new standard for application delivery and it’s mandatory in all our instances. This is what the big boys are using

and we think you should use it too…

Top Level Security

Because our servers are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform they are extremely well protected also we keep them and your WordPress Installation up to date automatically.

so we can sleep better every night…

Yes, everything we do in our hosting platform is to improve your SEO results

Why?, well because we are an inbound marketing company, we got tired of trying to find a solution that filled all the needs  we had about server performance for SEO, security updates, automated backups and user support. So we build our own

And we build it for WordPress…

WordPress is the best, period.

It powers 18,9% of all the sites in the world, do we need to say anything else?, but to be honest with you there’s another reason, WordPress is a Content management system that is easy to manage by the user, this way our clients can do a lot by themselves, leaving us just the complicated stuff and with 74.6 million active sites there’s no bigger community so help is always around the corner.

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