Seeed won at Square’s Hackathon for the 3rd time in a row

Written by Laura Rojas


A team with the mission to create custom software development and help companies automate their digital transformation process has received awards for 3 consecutive years at Square Hackathon events.

For one thing, after working with clients developing successful custom eCommerce & app solutions, platform migrations, plug-ins, and much more for their businesses, Seeed has established its grounds as a reliable ally. Their Agile and Nearshore full-stack dev teams are committed to creating tailor-made web and mobile app experiences.

Moreover, Seeed has remained one of Square’s top solution providers in the US for more than 3 years. As Square experts, they are helping companies build their eCommerce in days instead of months. In addition, this means they are highly familiar with the platform and its APIs and are way more efficient in its deployment.

Square-powered solutions are the go-to option when building custom eCommerce solutions that are extremely versatile. This platform enables merchants to accept different payment options, and offer order tracking. Additionally, it’s extremely helpful to manage product catalogs and to keep up with inventory with automated processes. The ultimate win is to be able to handle buyers in an efficient way.

Seeed took home the “Best Use of Checkout API”
at Square’s Hackaton

Seeed has been featured in the Square Unboxed event for 3 consecutive years. In addition, it has been standing out in past Square Hackathons. In 2020 they left with the best “Photo Review app” award, thanks to a product that helped eCommerce owners collect reviews with real client photos. And in 2021 their SDK API won “Most Impressive Technical Integration”, by giving sellers the ability to enable Square online’s checkout on any web client.

This year, continuing the winning strike, Seeed took home the “Best Use of Checkout API” with Custom Payments at this year’s Square Hackathon. After encountering the same problem with different customers, they decided to build a Square integration that allows merchants to accept any amount of partial payments on invoices or credit lines. All without having to use a donation link. It’s a professional-looking checkout and provides a complete B2B invoice manager.

Customers that install Custom Payments have access to a professional invoicing infrastructure that allows them to unleash the power of Square. By enabling partial and installment payment options, a client dashboard, and centralized B2B billing. Furthermore, merchants can finally handle all their billing from one place faster and more efficiently.

What’s more, Square’s recognitions, plus all the successful customer experiences Seeed’s APIs and overall solutions have offered, mean that this team is definitely listening to its clients. Not only to implement the most popular eCommerce platforms but also to create custom solutions that respond to pain points seamlessly; offering solutions for today’s business needs. Therefore, it’s inevitable to look forward to the following innovations Seeed will bring to the table. 

Why Seeed?

Its team helps you smoothly integrate Square APIs into your eCommerce platform or website and accept payments securely, create bookings, process subscriptions, enhance your catalog and so much more. Some clients think their problem “has no solution”, however Seeed’s experts build Square-powered eCommerce or apps that are flexible and adapt to their online store’s needs. 

With over 650 products developed for +320 clients from 20 countries, Seeed’s mission is to create custom software to help companies automate and accelerate their digital transformation process. So, this involves designing, building, deploying, and maintaining software. Their technologies and teamwork provide tailor-made solutions to address specific needs, goals, and pain points. Besides, they’re ready to find the perfect solution that helps you grow your business. 

Seeed offers a personalized experience for custom solutions. Moreover, through assessments and planning, they will design and prototype your software development project with quality assurance to go live faster, and more efficiently. Seeed is a B2C and B2B solutions provider that can become your digital transformation partner. Take your business to the next level and make it stand out from competitors by talking to our Square Hackathon winners & experts today. 

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Once you make a decision about which direction to move forward in for your company’s eCommerce personalization, Seeed is here to help.

Let our experts steer the way and let the entire process be a smooth transition.

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