Why is important to have a successful trade show?

Trade shows can be a great tool to develop customer relationships and yes, we are an online advertising agency and we are telling you that you should do it.

You can reach thousand of customers online and sell hundreds of thousands of dollars, but trade shows will always be there making sure that you can connect with key industry players, manufacturers and buyers in a way that only a trade show will do, not only because they are there but because they go there looking for the same reason as you, to share an experience and to put your name out there.
This is the reason why it’s so important that you follow a series of easy but often ignored rules:

1- they don’t care who you are only what you do.

This is probably the mos important thing to understand on any type of advertising, show your customer what you do, yes your brand is important but you need to transmit a clear message until your brand is big enough to speak for itself, so if you manufacture donuts that’s what you need to put there.

2- On 80% of the cases they are there to find a solution for a  problem 

Again like we told you on number one keep your message clear so when they pass by they’ll se it and think oh I need a donuts manufacturer.

3- Stop traffic

People will pass super fast in front of your booth so have something that drives attention outside or on the edges of your booth, it could be something non related to your business, or a prototype or something just make them stop so your sales guys can jump on them.

4- Don’t offer a product offer a solution

Stop trying to sell something, listen to the customer and try to find a solution for his problem, even if you don’t offer it they won’t forget you.

5- Make it memorable

Yes everybody uses a pen, but how many times have you stop to read the advertising on it?, don’t just give away useless stuff give away things with value, things that the’ll keep on their desks or their houses and please add what you do to the logo don’t just put the logo there.
Simple but effective rules like those will keep yo’r booth busy and will make a successful trade show.