Ready for holiday shopping season?

Shopping season madness is just around the corner.

With less than 30 days away the shopping madness is getting closer to make any business owner’s life a bit stressful.

Is a fact that people wait until this time of the year to take advantage of any discount available. A tradition to protect their budgets.

As soon as November shows up, wish lists are written down, as well as discount magazines are sent out. Expectations are created and the environment gets tense. It’s like a frenzy to get the best deals for trendy products.

Customers are on the run, like a race to get as much benefit as the can afford. On the other hand for business owners is the most profitable season, which is way is also a great opportunity to be prepared and make it happen. Maximize profits and end the year worry free.

This year online shopping will play an important role, with an increase of 18%. People are planing to buy  more online instead of at the brick-and-mortar madness. It sounds like a bad news, but if you want to beat the prediction you better get your strategy in shape. You need a online store working right now!

Here we share some ideas to help you with this busy and magical time.

Ready, Set, Go…

  1. Refresh your online store, make it easy to use for customers.
  2. Need to be mobile friendly, it’s a trend to buy from their mobiles this days, don’t waste this opportunity.
  3. Customers are looking everywhere for the perfect gift, be present everywhere online.
  4. Video ads on social media will have a huge impact, don’t stay behind.
  5. Inventory, check it, re-check and re-stock.
  6. Give a little extra “FREE SHIPPING”.
  7. If you are not on Shopify, check your service provider you don’t want your web store slow, crashing, collapsing or out of service.
  8. Get your lists ready too, send your loyal customers special deals.
  9. Showcase all your products, even if they’re out of fashion. It’ll be a good chance to sell it.
  10. Display in store what they are looking for online.

The busiest time of the year for your online store will be November and the first two weeks of December, so if you have your strategy in place, don’t forget to get some help as well a lot of shipping material.

We know you are doing your much more than you can to be at the top of the game for your business, but you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Let us help you.

We can refresh and customize your Shopify store, design or re-design your logo, create online ads based on analytics, upload products, manage your social media and also install apps to help your online store work even better.

You still have time to get you online store working!