Wix.com A super user friendly interface with developer features that put other platforms into shame

Yes, you might not believe it but Wix is the typical sleeper on the track, they market themselves as a create a website for dummies platform but internally this platform is a beast!

You have never seen anything like it

An IDE that can run services directly on your site?, dynamic fields that can be attached to database data fields directly from the editor? these are some of the reasons why we think you should consider building your site on wix

Corvid by Wix

A serverless development platform that runs directly
on your site, this changes everything. 

No more external servers, no more creating GCP or AWS projects just to run simple services, or to host a separated database.


With Corvid you can present content from any of your internal databases or you can connect any other external database.


You can also connect the Wix cloud  directly to third party APIs and other external data sources

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DevOps ready

Scale your infrastructure with continuous improvement, continuous delivery and continuous integration without leaving the wix cloud

One of the main characteristics we value on any platform we work with is simplicity, our developments are by nature simple and redundant this means that they never break completely and if they do they are super easy to fix.

Wix Cloud allows us to remove the middle guys and develop services and integrate with apps all in one place.