Headless eCommerce
One backend to rule them all!

Separate your front-end from your backend infrastructure, a headless eCommerce allows you to unify your content and multiply your front-ends 

Manage all your content from one place

Present your content adjusted to each device and platform with a customized front-end providing
the best user experience from an unified content management system.

Some of our headless platforms

What's a Headless eCommerce?

The term headless means that it doesn't have a front-end or a face. You can see it as all the functions of an eCommerce site but without a website, I know it sounds confusing but you’ll understand it in a bit.

Imagine that you tell shopify or any other platform “I love your platform but I hate to work with your templates or I don’t want to change my whole site just to add eCommerce to it” this scenario has two routes, one you use the shopify checkout button, but this is usually too simple for most of the stores, two you can use it headless.

A headless eCommerce includes all the characteristics and features but as API’s you can use the add to cart function, the products database, the checkout API and put together a site on the latest front end technologies with shopify’s ecommerce capabilities.

Why Do You Need A CMS with your headless eCommerce?

Design, manage and distribute content anywhere from one system. An intuitive content manager system that makes the transition from any previous system super simple. 

A flexible structure will give you the power to adapt and create content fields to adapt the platform 

Your content will be all available in one place, there's no need for copying content from one post to another, or to copy some information posted on one department to another, you just need to find it and publish it on your front end.