Direct to Consumer or Direct to Customer

It's the future whether you like it or not, Amazon and most of the amazon sellers are proof of this, think about it if you can have a fulfillment center and sell directly to your customers at full price, why wouldn't you?

Multichannel retailer is failing,
and it’s failing because the margins are small.

Customers are buying more and more online, as their trust on eCommerce grows. Companies like Walmart and Amazon are paving the way for the rest of the brands to follow, direct to consumer eCommerce also means higher profit margins and less waste since you'll have exact statistics and sales velocity and all the KPI's will be under your control.

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More and more brands are going direct to consumer...

They control the prices, the message, the customer service, distribution and manufacturing. But the most important thing? they are in complete control of their customers.

On the Traditional business model the customer belongs to the retailer their loyalty is with them and the retailer will only sell what they need to sell.

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The Customer belongs to you...

Purchasing behavior, preferences, requests, suggestions, complains, every single one of them will be on your database, waiting for you to review it and improve your products and processes.

And don't forget the best part! PREORDERS and SUBSCRIPTIONS

Yes! there's nothing like running  a preorder to test the waters, or to have customers to subscribe to your product on a monthly basis, Direct to Consumer eCommerce makes all this possible.

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