Resistance is futile,
move your business to the cloud

It might be a bit scary  but migrating to the cloud makes a lot of sense, it’s cheaper, simpler and more secure than what your current systems will ever be.

The future is here, and it's in the cloud.

It doesn’t matter what cloud you choose to use, AWS, Azure, Alibaba’s or our favorite Google Cloud, they all have their advantages, but they all have the same main directives, security, efficiency and simplicity and you need all of those.

It just
makes sense

With the cost of one decent physical server box you can run a small cloud for 2 or 3 years, and the cloud won’t get obsolete, it also can do a lot more things than what a single server can do. 

Did we already mention that you only pay for what you use?

Our elastic deployments expand and contract as needed, the days of paying for ultra high specs whether you use it or not are long gone.

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It's not rocket Science

It might sound complicated, but maintaining a cloud infrastructure is way easier than a bunch of physical servers, updates, patches and maintenance are done automatically.

Resources can be assigned and removed from a friendly administration panel that can be accessed even from your smartphone.

Even some of your servers most used tasks and commands can be transformed into a series of functions that you pay as you use them, eliminating the need for an actual server in a lot of cases.

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