APP and Web development
From mobile APPs to complete SAAS Transformation

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, your business needs to scale up on every aspect  with less resources

Software is the Answer

Do you want to increase your sales, make your campaigns more efficient? Or make customer service more automatic?
Maybe you just need to see your numbers in a custom view that makes more sense to you?

Everything that can be Automated
should be Automated

From customer service using chatbots, a database of questions and answers and a ticketing  system to AI powered ads targeted to the right customers at the right time.

Automation will help you grow without breaking the bank

You don't need more people you need to automate, automation will allow you to put your attention on what really matters.

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It won't cost you an eye

Yes Software development is expensive, however considering that the average project costs around $30k and it can automate at least 3 tasks and handle an infinite amount of customers at the same time while the average employee costs the same for one  year and can only handle a handful amount of customers makes a software development not that expensive.

Automation and Software development are not for everyone your need to have certain things in place in order to be able to create and apply software to your company.

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You need to comply with some rules and requirements

1- You need a process: Computers don’t figure it out as they go, they don’t make workarounds or talk their way out of things, you need to have a process from step one to the final result so we can talk about automation.

2- You need a storyboard or a flowchart: all those steps of the process need to be on paper, so we can translate that into a prototype and determine the milestones of your project development.

3- Your company needs to embrace the change and adapt to the new process: It might sound silly but a lot of people tend to see software as a threat instead of seeing it as a tool.

4- Software is not a finite product: the development will never end, there are always  more features, more tools and more training to be done.

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