• We are more than an Agency

  • We are Seeed…

We are more than an Agency

We are Seeed…

A digital transformation and eCommerce agency in Miami

Need help? our team can do anything, create a brand, move your business to the cloud,
develop the next social media platform or create a completely new business model

A bit about us...

It’s been a long way since we started this journey our company has evolved into what we call Agency 2.0.

A concept that brings the best of branding, design, and programming together.
Thanks to our experience, we know that the secret of success is simplicity. That’s why we only work with the most popular platforms, technologies, and software. Thus our services never become obsolete or out of date.

We are an old school agency adapted to a more dynamic and ever-changing environment.

Meet the team

Social Media Manager - Team | Seeed

Maria Alejandra King

Social Media Manager

Backend Developer - Team | Seeed

Oriana Chacon

Backend Developer

Brand and Design - Team | Seeed

Luis Ecarri

Brand and Design

Head of Development - Team | Seeed

Jose Carlos Chacon

Head of Development

Full Stack Developer - Team | Seeed

Daniel Esteves

Full Stack Developer

Senior Full Stack - Team | Seeed

Cesar Palacio

Senior Full Stack

Full Stack Developer - Team | Seeed

Jorge Nava

Full Stack Developer

Mad Scientist - Team | Seeed

Rowland Saer

Mad Scientist