We are VTEX Partners

VTEX Partners

VTEX is the ultimate full commerce solution (from POS to logistics) 100% cloud based and with all the tools that your online business may need, we fell in love on first sight with VTEX because it offers all the tools we expect an ecommerce platform to have already built in.

Tools like wholesale, referral codes, subscriptions, logistics, inventory management, order management and many more are included in your store.

Our partnership with VTEX is extremely close, even the owners are just a phone call away from us, this means that you can be sure that any suggestion, improvement or issue that we might find will be addressed immediately.

A true partnership that benefits the security of our customers we can’t ask for more.

Need a better platform?

What Makes VTEX so Special? just take a look

Multiple stores

Develop as many storefronts as you want, on any domain (good luck with that on any other platform)

SEO the right way

SEO is optimized via metatags, 301 redirects, canonical, and friendly URL’s (try that on shopify) for all pages. Also each, HTML customization, sitemaps and robots.txt. On average.

Vtex retargeting

Messages can be customized and scheduled for automatic delivery over a given period of time or after a specific action or customer behavior.


Create personalized offers, recommendations and tailored promotional strategies based on customer-generated parameters.


Utilize the psychological pricing feature to automate processing define pricing through your very own channels and control product margins by using markup or fixed prices.


Advanced modules can buy together, take more for less, discount progressively buy and win, and maximum price per item to leverage sales.

VTEX Smartcheckout™

The first password free, one page 1-click-buy checkout in the world. Our Smartcheckout™is the evolution of online shopping, reducing cart abandonment and increasing sales.

Recurring Payments

Offer extra convenience to your customers with our recurring feature. You can customize scenarios by period and products, improving sales predictability and lowering marketing costs.

What’s Included?

Move your store from any eCommerce platform to VTEX in record time.
Store Setup
Need to start from scratch? not a problem let’s build it for you.
Product by product, picture by picture, with professional equipment.
It’s not only about setting up the store It’s about getting customers and selling.
More Sales Channels
Sell on multiple platforms ebay, amazon, wanelo, facebook etc.
We do this everyday, we got you covered.
You’ll get all the live training and online videos that you may need.
Email Marketing
Your store comes connected with a Mailchimp account.

Worry about costs?

Our migrations start from $500 this is the usual cost for a 5 page website

What about under the hood?

Yes from your webmaster tools to your google analytics everything will be moved

And our hosting costs?

Easy, our hosting plans start for as low as $50 per year on our Google cloud server.

Need more information or have special needs?

Give us a call 305-400-9514

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