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We’re not just an agency that will provide assistance to set up your email marketing – as Klaviyo technology experts, we’re integrators and software + app developers that can analyze your business to find the right cost-effective solutions you need.

Klaviyo’s experts

and technology partners

Finding the right solution for your business with the right partnership.

Offers technology custom solutions for every industry.
Use API integrators to get the get from every app and unlock their full potential.
Seeed's experts take care of assessment, planning, and prototyping for you to stop worrying.
Has over +200 app integrations available.
Offers a library of data-proven templates built for online brands.
Includes dozens of built-in automations that are fully customizable. Each can have a mix of emails and texts.

Top benefits

Seeed’s tailor made solutions

Using Agile Methodology for your software development needs

Seeed has more than a decade of experience creating unique site journeys and development tools for customers using Agile methodology. And as Klaviyo technology experts our goal has always been to be cost-efficient and deliver accurate solutions for eCommerce organizations, companies, and merchants.

“We want to help companies that are implementing digital transformation in their business achieve their transformative goals, all with scaling and growth in mind.”
Rowland Saer
Seeed’s CEO

These are the partners we work with to speed up your project

Bigcommerce Partners
square Solution providers

Klaviyo customers that utilize both email and SMS marketing via Klaviyo, experience an average 12% lift in Klaviyo related revenue.”

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