Wait what? Could I use Instagram to actually do business?

With over 600 million of active users and 150 millions of daily stories users, Instagram could be a perfect match for your marketing strategy.


Also the increasing numbers of instagramers will give your business a wide range for niche selection.

It’s a market that is open for everyone and anything, if the tool is used wisely.

Instead of posting pictures of product after product, Why don’t try to show the product in the way it should be used?

For example: A boutique owner specialized in beachwear just received a new collection.

How can they use Instagram for business?

By selling an idea, not the product. Showing the audience how the new collection looks like when people use it, at the beach, having fun.

On Instagram, Stories let the audience know a new collection just arrived without showing it. Intrigue them.

Because this social media platform is all about visual content, remember to transmit a feeling with you images.

Instagram will work perfectly for branding and to showcase different uses of your product.

Digital networking is also an option when engaging with others, sending direct messages or tagging businesses. Join the conversation actively to make it work.

Follow some rules.

Today’s digital world the use of Instagram for business is a must.

First of all, follow some rules:

  • Post awesome images to grab the attention of the target.
  • Share valued content, not only products.
  • Give a purpose to each post.
  • Business means business, switch your profile to a business account. As a result your account will be public.
  • Change the Bio information, so people know what’s in for them.
  • Separate business accounts from personal accounts. Unless you’re a public figure or celebrity, because the purpose of each account is different.
  • Hashtags are very important to drive traffic to your post, so use them.
  • Post regularly but not every hour, that’s spamming.

Not only Instagram is a place for selfies , but also place for business.

Transform your Business account into the storefront to showcase products in real life.

Your images will be the invitation to visit the web store or to stop by your shop.

Happy Instagramming.

If you need help or advice in how you can get the most of your Instagram, drop us a line.

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