Influencers Under the Scope

Last year we saw how big brands used Influencers Marketing to promote their products and grow their engagement with their audience. Now lets check what’s important to know about “the Influencer” behind this tactic.

Influencers and Micro-influencers

They are like celebrities or stars in Social Media Networks, providing trustful comments and information about a product or service, but in a human way.

They have the ability of influence over potential buyers and can have a big effect on their purchasing decision.


Macro vs Micro

Macro-Influencers (Influencers:) are like superstars with a huge audience to engage with, while some comments or questions can get diluted over tons of comments.

Micro-Influencers: are more locally stars, with a smaller size audience, but with more impact and feedback.

Influencer Marketing is a form of  marketing, that can be part of your Social Media Marketing.  These social media stars (well informed and knowledgable people) give advices, comments, reviews and share their personals experiences and interaction with your product. They have the ability to build trust and confidence around your product, in the way that a prospect buyer is willing to buy.

Is a way of word of mouth in a broad channel.

So, if this is not a part of the business strategy for 2018, now it’s time!

Influencer marketing is rising everyday. Live-streams will keep providing a genuine interaction and engagement, and also videos will be an important tool.

Take Advantage

  1. Engage better with your audience using videos or live-streams on a regular basis.
  2. Let the influencer show all the best applications for the product.
  3. Show behind the scenes and how its made, like an interview type program conducted by the influencer.
  4. Accounts takeover for stories, where the influencer is able to take followers to your account.
  5. Product review or testimonials from real users, even if they are not influencers also work.

Don’t leave money on the table and use all the tools and strategies available to make this 2018 a wonderful year. It will be great for E-commerce and Social Media, be sure to keep it up.


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