CBD is the future…

CBD is the new hype but it’s not just a trend or a thing, is a supplement that promises to change the way we look cannabis related products, now that we can get CBD from hemp and not from cannabis we can take the taboo of the equation and focus on enhancing the quality of life of the people that suffers from a variety of illnesses that go from Parkinson disease to arthritis, in short words it really works.

So Let’s jump into the business…

It’s not easy, I’m not gonna lie to you


However the benefits of just focusing on marketing while someone else does the manufacture and logistics has dramatic benefits that can jumpstart your business like nothing else.

First of all you need  5 things:

1- A reliable CBD supplier that doesn’t work with Chinese or shady CBD

It took us one year jumping from lab to lab to find the perfect one for the job, they take care of manufacturing and shipping and have more than 20 120 CBD products ready for white label dropshipping.

Oils, gummy bears, pet products, creams and so much more, is available on the dropshipping program and they carry many more on a MOQ basis.

2- A reliable eCommerce platform that can connect to your supplier

There are key aspects that make one platform better than the other, however because of the ability to charge subscriptions and the freedom of using any merchant miva.com is our personal choice for this type of developments. Now we can also work with shopify since we have a compatible payment processor

3- A merchant that supports CBD

Did I mention that the Lab helps with that too?, yup they can provide a merchant that can work with CBD, since CBD is  still on that grey area not every merchant can take it, but we got you covered, Now we also have two  more options that can proccess CBD.

4- A great brand, labels, logo, banner etc.

Like with any product brand is everything, as an agency with over 20 years of experience we can not only design your logo, we can even find the right name for it.

5- A label Printer (a company not a device)

And yes the lab has a list of trusted printers that will take care of the labels and ship them directly to the lab.

It’s not cheap, like any business it will need an investment

How much? well just on labels you can expend over $350 per product variant, this means that just to have 500 labels for 3 variants you’ll be investing over $1000, and you need to ad the store setup and design, the account creation fees on the lab side now can go from 3k to 5k plus the labels design and approval process.

So you can have an idea the average CBD dropshipping store is around $20k with everything included, but keep in mind that with profit margins of over 80% your ROI is not that far away