The truth: It’s all about the money…

You’ll see what I mean.


In this digital era it seems obvious that you must have a business online, right?, So you make it happen , hopping for the best.

Doing the homework.

You found the best web developer, a great designer, the perfect package, an awesome product and you even set up your social media for the business. You have done everything that you could imagine, but not a single customer, not even a click in a product. Nothing at all.

Then it’s all about frustration, not knowing what to do and lot of complaints. You might identified yourself with this scenario. And I feel you, I know it I have been there too.



Usually people think that it will be like blowing a candle, but it isn’t. Customers won’t show up from nowhere (that will be a dream come true). You will have to do digital marketing, know your target, select your niche and even create an avatar of the perfect customer (which at the beginning it’s awkward, but trust me, it works).

There are several things that you must do to make your online business succeed. No long ago it was super easy to grow organically, but nowadays its not that simple.

Like in a battlefield you must need a plan, a what to do in case of….

A plan to solve problems with the right tools.

In this case you need to have customers checking your store and shopping from it, otherwise there is no point to have your store open, but how you can get them… You must pay, but not a fortune.

All the changes in every social media platform has made very difficult to grow a business without the knowledge  of how to do it right. I could give you different strategies like hiring an influencer, way to maximize your SEO, how to host a giveaway, how to shipshape every social media profile or how to boost your Youtube channel to grow your business. There are different tools out there to help your business, however is important to know how to do it right. Lets start with the easy ones.

How to get more customers online and not get broke?

  • Google display, this will show your logo, products or images in web pages and blogs related to your business. Not that expensive and generate lots of clicks. It’s kind of broad, but you’ll show up where you need to.
  • Youtube ads, great for brand awareness and good price, don’t be shy video will get your business to the next level.
  • Google shopping, you’ll be more specific, but first you need to be known (brand recognition), otherwise it won’t work because customer don’t buy from brands they never heard of.
  • Facebook and Instagram adds, extremely targeted, but the more targeted they get the more expensive they are.

You want to be sure that your business is out the in front of your audience, you need it to grow, so you have to invest. Do not spend a fortune and try to be sure that you are targeting your niche. Remember to study your analytics too.

If you need an advice to see what you can do with online store contact us for a complimentary review.

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