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It’s efficient; it’s fast, it’s Headless eCommerce

A decoupled CMS or a headless CMS combines the APIs’ power with a serverless infrastructure allowing your business to unify all your data in one CMS and distribute it to multiple front ends and manage the content of your mobile apps, sibling sites even intranets.

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We go a step forward and add a serverless infrastructure

Now you have the best of both worlds: an efficient and decoupled frontend and backend plus an elastic infrastructure that expands and contracts on-demand, the perfect combination to achieve content unification, cost reduction, and blazing fast load times. 

Create new and better experiences with your customer

Our Headless eCommerce service helps your business become more flexible and more scalable since it allows you to create personalized experiences for your buyers and increase sales. This is how you build an eCommerce business for the long term.

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Experiment as much as you want to, fast and easy

Create new sections, add more functions, preview changes live; our headless infrastructure will allow you to do that and more.

Things that used to be only possible in traditional CSMs, like conversion optimization with AB testing or the ability to try different things throughout the customer journey, are now possible using our headless infrastructure.

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