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Discover the possibilities of a Headless eCommerce.

 What is Headless technology?

A decoupled CMS or a Headless CMS combines APIs’ power with a serverless infrastructure, allowing you to unify all your data in one CMS. As well as to distribute it to multiple frontends and manage your mobile apps content, sibling sites, and even intranets.

Headless eCommerce’s main benefits

By creating unique experiences for your customers, you make sure to stand out

Headless tech optimizes your site’s loading time, to increase your conversion opportunities.

Accessing the most relevant tech stack in the market, sets your business apart from other competitors.

Headless success in numbers

Increased conversion rate by

Decreased bounce rate by

Increased revenue per user by

Increased average order value by

Why work with Shogun?
The Merchant-first Headless Commerce Platform

Headless experience

Offers unrivaled site speed.

Helps you convert more buyers with progressive web app (PWA) tech.

 It’s fast, elegant, and SEO-friendly.

Traditional eCommerce vs. Headless Commerce

Traditional eCommerce
Front-end processes tied to back-end processes.
Customization is possible, but only within the parameters of specified front-end tools.
Lower front-end development cost.
Offers an omnichannel experience on occasion.
Front-end processes tied to back-end processes.
Limited flexibility.
Back-end processes are decoupled from pre-defined front-end processes.
Unlimited customization and personalization.
Higher front-end development cost.
Unlimited customization and personalization.
Full omnichannel experience.
More flexibility through front-end sales tools that can be adjusted.


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