Headless Commerce: The Evolution of Online Sales (2022)

Written by Laura Rojas


A revolution is upon us, and it’s in eCommerce.

The past two decades have seen colossal shifts in the realm of eCommerce. Gone are the days of simple online storefronts and brick-and-mortar dominance. The rise of the mobile device, in particular, has ushered in a prosperous era of mobile app commerce and accessibility: the likes of which we could have barely imagined a few years back, even as recently as the 1990s.

With so many theories and quick-fix solutions available, how can we, the merchants, determine the best way to move our products in the digital commerce era? All while keeping costs low and customer retention high? If you are asking such a question, the answer may lie in the innovation known as “Headless eCommerce”. As well as the services provided by BigCommerce experts at Seeed.us.

What is Headless eCommerce?

Headless eCommerce involves the utilization of digital architecture that unlinks the front-end platform with the back-end systems, also known as the presentation and application layers, respectively. The front-end layers are the visual side of the platform -things that help promote the product and make it appealing to the customer-. In contrast, the back-end layers are geared more toward the actual sales and functionality elements. In short, eCommerce managers who employ a Headless system can make changes to one layer without affecting the other.

This concept is powered by easy-to-use REST APIs, also known as “representational state transfer application program interfaces”. In short, REST APIs serve as the engine of Headless eCommerce by providing developers with easy-to-use interfaces from which they can modify their platform on either the front or the back end without having to change the entire system.

Naturally, the benefits of Headless eCommerce are manifold, but such a change might not necessarily be for everyone. Thankfully, Headless eCommerce experts have outlined many benefits to determine if the change is optimal for your needs.


Main Benefits of Headless Ecommerce


Because of the unlinked nature of the front-and-back systems, Headless eCommerce allows users to change one element, such as an image or graph. All without potentially disrupting the whole system and requiring a cascading series of fixes. This speed will allow your business to stay on par with -or even ahead of- changes in the eCommerce sphere. Plus, getting a new team member up to speed will be far easier. They only have to learn how to navigate a simple interface and make speedy fixes to one aspect of the platform.


Headless eCommerce developers can have separate teams and/or philosophies for both the front and back end, giving each element a higher degree of customizability and creative expression. The absence of rigid templates means that a front-end developer will be free to flex their creative muscles and deliver a more unique and engaging experience to the customer. Unique front-end designs help differentiate a product or brand, making it more appealing to customers on a subconscious level.


Tying the flexibility benefit increases the control that developers have over the brand. Headless developers are not as restricted by templates and the need to make wholesale changes. They can fix what they want, when they want, and create a bold and visually impactful statement with their brand. Innovation is the name of the game, and eCommerce developers cannot have innovation without the ability to control the entire process from front to back. Such control also ensures that developers can keep their systems consistent. Customers tend to find it awkward when the checkout experience is vastly different from the storefront or advertising campaigns.


Many businesses are going Headless now, which means that there are a lot of resources available during the shift. The more resources at your disposal, the less time you have to spend on figuring things out for yourself. Here at Seeed.us, we are a group of people who can ensure that your transition is as painless as possible.


Being on the cutting edge of a tech revolution is always exciting. It will make your company more appealing to younger prospective employees who desire a forward-thinking firm. Become more attractive as a business by joining this latest eCommerce revolution!

Headless Ecommerce is all about Versatility and Integration


It’s indisputable that evolution in technology has one buzzword above all the rest: versatility. Tech evolves rapidly, and the more versatile the system is, the more receptive to changes it becomes. With this need to stay ahead of their competition at a much more frequent rate. Some businesses change their entire front-end systems every year; this could get very time-consuming if they have to modify their back end as they go. And in the business world, as we all know, time is money. Almost everyone wants a versatile system, and Headless eCommerce platforms deliver it in spades.


BigCommerce experts agree that powerful integration tools provided by Headless eCommerce offer a modular structure. One that allows teams to work on specific elements of their platform without compromising the whole. The amount of time saved with modularity cannot be exactly measured, but a basic time-and-motion case study can easily imagine it.

Here’s an example to help paint the picture: imagine venturing out to a supermarket on the other side of town every time you cooked a meal or wanted to try a new ingredient. You’d be making a trip every day, sometimes multiple times a day. In other words, you’d be going through the entire process for a tiny change to a recipe or a missing ingredient. A colossal amount of time would be lost over the subsequent weeks and months. Alternatively, you would give up and spend excess money on takeout to get what you wanted: convenient, of course, but not cost-effective. On the other hand, Headless eCommerce ensures that you can grab those extra items without retaking the whole trip. The shopping (or edits to your system, as it were) would be instantaneous and independent.

Disadvantages of Headless eCommerce: Are There Any?

 There is only one major disadvantage to choosing a Headless system over a monolithic one: the former is more involved in setup than the latter, which is more of a quick fix and simple solution. Monolithic structures are easy to plug in and establish, but they can get very costly and lack the robustness and versatility of a Headless system (as outlined above). For smaller firms or solo projects, such a monolithic structure may be more appealing; however, should the project evolve into something on a grander scale, such as that of a larger enterprise, you may want to consider starting with a Headless system regardless.
As one can see, the advantages vastly outweigh the disadvantages, and there’s only a tiny subset of businesses that may not want to go Headless. Even then, they may want to consider going Headless nevertheless, if only to future-proof their systems!


Why Seeed.us?

At Seeed we’re committed to offering you cost-efficient projects with agile methodologies. Here are 5 reasons why we are the right ally when it comes to implementing a Headless eCommerce:


Put simply, Seeed.us is a solution provider. The platform is on the cutting edge of digital transformation services thanks to its 99.99 percent uptime and its utilization of Open SaaS, a highly versatile and modifiable platform. It also provides an array of experts who can help new BigCommerce developers experience the power of such a cutting-edge platform!


Headless eCommerce systems are also highly scalable, which makes them perfect for a startup firm. If your business plan changes or your core marketing philosophy evolves, and you are stuck with a monolithic structure, you would have to spend a significant amount of resources to modify the back-end to support the changes to the front. Going Headless with Seeed.us will prevent such a headache (no pun intended, of course).


Seeed.us works well with omnichannel entrepreneurs as well. As the market grows more and more competitive, managers must explore as many options to sell their products as possible. Modern platforms such as Facebook and Amazon are more relevant than ever before, and Seeed.us enables you to make a smooth transition to Headless eCommerce to sell on those sites with relative ease. Even the smallest of digital locations can become a gateway to your storefront.


If decoupled, you are always running the risk of issues related to web security, PCI compliance, and so forth. Seeed.us ensures these instances are at a minimum. This reduces the burden on your IT team, freeing them up to spend more time delivering a great experience to your customers and ensuring that everything is running as smooth as silk.


Hundreds of satisfied clients around the globe are a testament enough to the exceptional quality of Seeed’s service. Quick and responsive customer service addresses any issues that might crop up, however little they are.

Seeed.us: Your Ally in the Headless Revolution

Now that we’ve established the potential of Headless eCommerce and the power of BigCommerce in particular, where do we go from here? With the eCommerce world changing so rapidly, we all need allies and guides to help us along.

With Seeed, you get digital transformation experts who deliver solutions that empower and guide Headless eCommerce solutions so businesses can offer fresh and impactful experiences to their customers. Seeed.us wants to help all digital commerce managers usher in the new era with confidence and elegance, specializing in everything from omnichannel deliveries to SEO optimization.

Our track record speaks for itself, with more than 300 clients served and ten ongoing partnerships. It’s not easy to make such a bold change, and we understand that all too well. If Headless eCommerce serves as the ship itself, then we are the rudder: no ship can sail effectively without one.

That is why we are passionate about the services we provide and want to ensure that all companies make the Headless transition as quickly and painlessly as possible. It is why we exist, and it will continue to be our passion for the foreseeable future.

Work with our experts and join the Headless eCommerce revolution today

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