Yes we do have a stable USA based Merchant processor 

After looking for a long time we found two merchants that work with CBD and are actually compatible with all the eCommerce platforms that we work with, making opening an online store as easy as boiling an egg  

There’s always a catch right? well, Kind of…

You need to behave, you cant do statements like CBD cures cancer (even if it does help a lot) you can’t do weird busines models like the infamous 14 day trial then no one will take you out of the membership type of business.

In short words don’t scam people and don’t say stuff that big pharma, sorry the FDA don’t want you to say.

But as long as you comply with simple rules we got your back

So who are the merchants? 

Well we are not allow to say it but it’s pretty obvious we are partners with one of them and it’s all over the website.

Do we need to build the website with you?

No, but we wont complain if you do 😉 we are an eCommerce agency after all. 


Ok where do I need to sign up?

Easy Just fill up this form and in two or 3 days the merchant will get back to you

11 + 3 =