New Features for Facebook and Instagram

Have you heard?

Social Media is about to change everything again!!!

May has brought many changes to social media platforms, upgrades and integrations have been announced by Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, on different platforms own by Facebook. Is yet to be seen how all these changes will affect the rest of the social media competition and how it will impact marketing efforts.

Game changer for sure!!!

Let’s dig deep into some of then big announcements:

  1. Instagram explore and search page will get redesign. It will show not only what you seem to like but also you’ll be able to create channels about what you really want to see more often. This feature will give you more control over what will recommends.
  2. If you are a fan of live video, but don’t like be public all the time, a solution is on it’s way. Private video calls  with one or more people. This will be really helpful when you use your IG for business and you’re trying to coach a small group. On your direct messages a new icon will allow you to do it soon.
  3. Augmented reality it’s getting even real nowadays. Instagram will dive deep into this feature, not only with face filters, but also with the creation of them and the availability of tryin new products without even going to the store. Really futuristic right?
  4. Comment filters are ready to get rid of bullying on Instagram. Sounds great, however it will be done by machine learning technology, so we will se how it goes and how it will affect the users.
  5. Data privacy, a must to avoid any past misunderstanding. You will be able to decide if you want others to keep track of your data.
  6.  Great integrations with Spotify and GoPro to share directly into stories from the app. Sharing a link to listen or see the whole action.

Lot of changes in the air of Social Media, but we won’t be able to test them until they are out and about. Stay on the lookup for any new icons and be ready to use them.

Don’t worry changes are good even if you don’t like them, they will make everything more challenging but better.