What’s all the fuss about Holiday Shopping?

From early November until the end of December, business owners might see an increase of revenue. Months that are all about gifts and sharing. The most profitable time of the year might need help.

Your products will need to pop out from the crowd and face the fierce race to be the chosen one. The perfect product for a prefect gift.

Dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are when customers will get more active. Afterwards, they’ll keep looking for any seasonal deal. Then after Christmas it will be more about stocking for next year.

A Holiday Marketing Campaign will with this task.

Some ideas to make it happen:

  1. Have you ever heard about “Who hits first, hits twice”. Well yes early birds in promotion their products and deals will have the advantage. Start early and engage with more customers.
  2. Know your target, their behavior and what motivates them. Check your analytics for better understanding. This way you can create a promotion with knowledge.
  3. Find out the holiday that fits your products and target. You’ll be able to create a campaign that create an impact and tech your goals.
  4. Think outside the box. Coupons are old fashion, try to add some value. For example if you sell copper mugs show them the recipe of the Moscow Mule and how cool it will look in your product.
  5. Use every channel to promote, but keep in mind their limits and regulations. Posting time and great photos will be the key.
  6. Paid ads, a must during this time to expand your reach.
  7. Share in advance your deals with loyal customers. They can plan ahead and keep you in mind.
  8. Be genuine and creative, this can make a huge difference.

This is the most stressful time of the year for a business owner, with great results.Try to have fun with your precious customers and enjoy the season.

Happy Holidays.


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