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As your trusted eCommerce migration experts, we’ll export all your products, images, titles, descriptions, orders, customer contact information, payment settings, shipping settings, and any other important data to your new BigCommerce store.

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Yes, we are also Square Solution Providers so we got your payments cover too and of course, we’ll make sure that your store looks exactly the same for a flawless customer experience, or if you are in the mood for a complete makeover our UI/UX team we’ll create a brand new user experience. Our team of developers will take care of everything for you and provide you with a completely automated, error-free Migration from Shopify to BigCommerce.

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Why should you migrate your CBD store
to BigCommerce with eCommerce experts

With BigCommerce for Hemp & CBD, merchants can power their hemp and CBD business and quickly get to market by benefitting from:

Hemp-friendly merchant services

Choose between Square and multiple U.S.-based providers of merchant services without incurring additional penalties, fees, or account reserves.

Online & offline payment processing

Optimize customers’ checkout experience no matter where they shop with out-of-the-box PCI compliance.

BigCommerce Shipping

Simplify shipping and fulfillment operations and increase margins with BigCommerce’s pre-negotiated rates with hemp-friendly carriers.

“BigCommerce is providing a much-needed service that gives us a reliable way to sell our products online and offer our customers a delightful shopping experience.”



Why Seeed?

At Seeed we’ve been developing digital solutions for our clients in record time for more than 10 years, always exceeding expectations and optimizing budgets. As eCommerce and SaaS migration experts, we build tools with the best technologies on the market to give you a profitable, long-lasting digital transformation that is fully adapted to the latest trends in Web Development, Cloud Transformation, SEO Optimization, Omnichannel, etc.

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Scale your business with the success formula of our eCommerce migration experts

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For those who are worried, this is the sign to make the switch!

It’s not the first time Shopify dropped CBD clients without notice. We suggest that you don’t wait for the next ban wave to hit you to migrate your eCommerce business to a more CBD-friendly platform.

If you are considering migrating your online store, we are here to help with our years of experience. All you have to do is contact us and we can discuss which eCommerce platform is the best choice for your business.