Why it’s so important to define your target audience?

When you have a product or service to offer you can’t expect to sell it to everyone, because not every customer have the same exactly need or interest.

Instead of trying to push your product or service to the whole planet first research a bit and answer some questions to help you find your target audience.

  • What do you offer a product or service?
  • What are your advantages over similar products?
  • Evaluate your current customers (age, gender, profession, location and interests). What motivates them and what they like?
  • Analyze the competition.  Find out what works for them and do it better.

Once you answer this questions  you can create your buyer persona with its motivations and interests. Create that perfect customer that will always be there supporting your product or service. Your target then must meet this characteristics.

It might seem difficult to find your perfect fit, but once you find it you will succeed all the way and marketing efforts will have better results.

The fact of knowing your target audience, characteristics, motivations and interests, will allow to create  a strong marketing strategy that boost your sales.