The Promise

Who doesn’t want to be a Social Media celebrity, with thousands of followers willing to buy anything that promote?, sounds like fantasy!

Social media success does not happen overnight, it takes time and extraordinary efforts.

As a matter of fact you will need to learn, understand and anticipate different aspects of your audience depending on the social media platform.


Understand The Basics

Define your ideal customer

When you don’t know who you’re talking to, your message gets diluted in the crowd. In other other words, all your time and money will be wasted.

This is when the use of an avatar is a great idea, because you’ll shape it into your buyers persona.

This character will be the perfect customer and the perfect fit for your products or services. But there is a catch!

You must know everything about it and I mean EVERYTHING.

Give shape to this magical person, get creative and be specific. Here are some questions that might help you create the most important person in your business.

  • Name it, you have to do it, (Lets use Frank for example).
  • Where does Frank lives?
  • Age?
  • Marital status?
  • Any kids? How many?
  • What does he do for living?
  • Income $$$?
  • Hobbies?
  • Style?
  • When does he goes on line?
  • What was his last search?
  • Where does Frank shop, eat, party, relax, exercise (and so on)?

You need to know every detail of that perfect customer, the one that you’re looking for that will fall in love with your products, brand and services.


One size doesn’t fits all

Don’t try too sell your goods to everybody, that old strategy does not work anymore.

Understand the relationship between your product and the ideal customer. Take this for example.

Product: a ball. Ok great but, narrow the information.

  • This ball is for a boy or a girl?, the design and color matter.
  • Appropriate for what age?, not every size suite every kid.
  • Used? Specific sport or activity?, it’s not the same a soccer ball than a golf ball.
  • Is this product will be available at an specific location?, some communities won’t be able to use with your product ( I mean imagine golf in Alaska).

Questions like those will give you more specific information about why your product is different from others.

Learning about customers behaviors and characteristics from your buyer persona won’t guarantee you success, but is an essential part to make it happen.


Social Media is not just for fun, is a great tool to showcase your products while educating, informing or entertaining your audience, but it has to be done right.

If you need any help just ask!!!

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