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irce trade show entrance

The rules of a successful trade show

Why is important to have a successful trade show?

Trade shows can be a great tool to develop customer relationships and yes, we are an online advertising agency and we are telling you that you should do it.

You can reach thousand of customers online and sell hundreds of thousands of dollars, but trade shows will always be there making sure that you can connect with key industry players, manufacturers and buyers in a way that only a trade show will do, not only because they are there but because they go there looking for the same reason as you, to share an experience and to put your name out there.
This is the reason why it’s so important that you follow a series of easy but often ignored rules:

1- they don’t care who you are only what you do.

This is probably the mos important thing to understand on any type of advertising, show your customer what you do, yes your brand is important but you need to transmit a clear message until your brand is big enough to speak for itself, so if you manufacture donuts that’s what you need to put there.

2- On 80% of the cases they are there to find a solution for a  problem 

Again like we told you on number one keep your message clear so when they pass by they’ll se it and think oh I need a donuts manufacturer.

3- Stop traffic

People will pass super fast in front of your booth so have something that drives attention outside or on the edges of your booth, it could be something non related to your business, or a prototype or something just make them stop so your sales guys can jump on them.

4- Don’t offer a product offer a solution

Stop trying to sell something, listen to the customer and try to find a solution for his problem, even if you don’t offer it they won’t forget you.

5- Make it memorable

Yes everybody uses a pen, but how many times have you stop to read the advertising on it?, don’t just give away useless stuff give away things with value, things that the’ll keep on their desks or their houses and please add what you do to the logo don’t just put the logo there.
Simple but effective rules like those will keep yo’r booth busy and will make a successful trade show.
showing the benefits of google analytics

What’s the big deal about of Google analytics?

Google analytics is probably the most useful tool that you can install on your website, statistics, behavior, bounce rates and so much more, did I also mention that is free?

Surprisingly we see a lot of stores without the tool, since Google analytics only starts gathering data once it’s installed all the data prior to the installation will not be there, as you can imagine this means that you’ll need to wait at least one month to have reliable data to evaluate your customer behavior.

So stop wasting data, go to Google analytics, sign in, create an account and install the code on your website (we’ll upload a tutorial to our youtube channel before monday make sure to subscribe)

It will provide you with statistics that go from your user location to your user age and sex, amount of visits, new vs repeated customers and many many more.

Let’s review some of our favorites.

1- User location

google analytics geo location














The most interesting and addictive of all, it shows you where are your users located from the country down to the city, not only works to find out where are your customers coming from but also to identify threats and locate attackers.

2- Adquisition

google analytics adquisition









Where are your customers coming from, is that influencer working? are your ads driving traffic? all these answers are ready for you there everything that enters your site and where they came from gets recorded there.

3- Behavior Flow

google analytics behavior flow









Where they landed? where they went after that? all your customer’s interactions are recorded there, this is extremely useful, it will show you if they like a page, if they don’t this is an extremely powerful tool  to diagnose customer behavior.

And these are only a few tools, Analytics is full of them and they are all free.

Now next time you get a website done or an online store ask your developer or advertising agency to install google analytics from day one.

If you have any questions fell free to contact us.

How to attract more customers online

The truth: It’s all about the money…

You’ll see what I mean.


In this digital era it seems obvious that you must have a business online, right?, So you make it happen , hopping for the best.

Doing the homework.

You found the best web developer, a great designer, the perfect package, an awesome product and you even set up your social media for the business. You have done everything that you could imagine, but not a single customer, not even a click in a product. Nothing at all.

Then it’s all about frustration, not knowing what to do and lot of complaints. You might identified yourself with this scenario. And I feel you, I know it I have been there too.



Usually people think that it will be like blowing a candle, but it isn’t. Customers won’t show up from nowhere (that will be a dream come true). You will have to do digital marketing, know your target, select your niche and even create an avatar of the perfect customer (which at the beginning it’s awkward, but trust me, it works).

There are several things that you must do to make your online business succeed. No long ago it was super easy to grow organically, but nowadays its not that simple.

Like in a battlefield you must need a plan, a what to do in case of….

A plan to solve problems with the right tools.

In this case you need to have customers checking your store and shopping from it, otherwise there is no point to have your store open, but how you can get them… You must pay, but not a fortune.

All the changes in every social media platform has made very difficult to grow a business without the knowledge  of how to do it right. I could give you different strategies like hiring an influencer, way to maximize your SEO, how to host a giveaway, how to shipshape every social media profile or how to boost your Youtube channel to grow your business. There are different tools out there to help your business, however is important to know how to do it right. Lets start with the easy ones.

How to get more customers online and not get broke?

  • Google display, this will show your logo, products or images in web pages and blogs related to your business. Not that expensive and generate lots of clicks. It’s kind of broad, but you’ll show up where you need to.
  • Youtube ads, great for brand awareness and good price, don’t be shy video will get your business to the next level.
  • Google shopping, you’ll be more specific, but first you need to be known (brand recognition), otherwise it won’t work because customer don’t buy from brands they never heard of.
  • Facebook and Instagram adds, extremely targeted, but the more targeted they get the more expensive they are.

You want to be sure that your business is out the in front of your audience, you need it to grow, so you have to invest. Do not spend a fortune and try to be sure that you are targeting your niche. Remember to study your analytics too.

If you need an advice to see what you can do with online store contact us for a complimentary review.


You need more than a pretty website, 3 tools to check your website performance

When a webpage is super nice, features awesome products that anyone may buy and also show great photos of their products; The first thing that cross your mind would be “they must be making lot of money online”, right?. But could not be true in some cases.

A website could look awesome and it might seems to be working great, but you have to look deeper. Find out if it really works that well.

It’s not only about a good looking site, it takes more than that to build a great working online store.

So, if you feel like this is your case , don’t feel guilty. Take action and put it to the test.

Here are some ways to know how and what to change, in order to make your online store work better!

3 Tools to improve your webpage.

Change your strategy but with knowledge.

  1. Google Page Speed: Measures the performance, quality of the code and the loading speed of your website. This is something critical because without a good performance your website won’t show up to any audience. It will be like it’s invisible. If you want to sell you must be there.
  2. Google Mobile Friendliness Test: It will test the performance of your site on mobile devices. Mobile environment is changing the game, people are searching and buying from their phones everywhere. As a part of the search engine algorithm, it’s a fact that if your site is not mobile friendly you’ll rank in the first pages of a search.
  3. Google Analytics: This tool will give you information about your audience behavior and track their interaction with your site. With this information you can adapt your strategy to get stronger results.

These tools will give you a great amount of information that you could use to optimize your site and work at the pace of the changing algorithms. You’ll have better chance of getting more profits if your site works better than it looks.


We are here to help, so if you have any question come over to any of our social media channels and leave us a comment or question.


Holiday Shopping?

Search, shop and repeat

It’s almost that time of the year where family reunions are all about gatherings, laughs, dinners, drinks, celebrations and presents…..

Wait! What?

It seems early to think about it, but it is. Holiday season it’s just nearly here and it comes with long shopping lists, stores super crowded, special requests, crashing websites, missing inventory, shipping, returns, stress and lot of disappointment.

So, Ready for holiday season?, are your strategies in shape to win?

Oh no! you might think it’s too early, but let me tell you it’s just around the corner.

Early shopping will start after halloween. People will start searching for the perfect gift, all different choices, discounts and so on.

Don’t worry here are some things to keep in mind before it’s too late.

Tips to win the holiday race

  1. Shoppers will use mobile devices to search and if they are ready they’ll buy it online, but if they are not, they ‘ll visit the brick-and-mortar store with the knowledge they found online.
  2. Be present when they search for information, so be present online and make it easy for them to find you.
  3. Pay attention to customers clues, interests, and behaviors, so can offer a personalized shopping experience.
  4. Make sure your website is easy to navigate, search and pay, because if your customer finds it complicated you’ll lose it.
  5. Test your website speed on desktop, mobile and be sure that is mobile friendly.
  6. Make your entire inventory available online, because you’ll never know what they’ll look for.
  7. Stand out with special promotions, discounts and free shipping.
  8. Meet customers everywhere at every time, be present where they spend time and engage.

You still have time to set up your strategy and make it happen.

Start now and aim to success.

Don’t miss any information or tip that might help your store to stand out from the crowd follow us on our social media platforms.

If you need help or advice in how you can get the most of your website, drop us a line.

Youtube as Marketing Tool?


Will fit just right into a marketing tool category. It’s simple, this social media platform has become the second largest search engine of internet.

With more than one billion users spending at least one hour daily, watching different kind of content.

A video sharing platform where users upload great variety of videos and others can subscribe to their channel, comment and share it.


  • Reaches a large percentage of the global market.
  • Catches views attention easily.
  • Is precise about advertisement targeting.

Will it work for a business?

Yes, yes, yes!!! For a business, Youtube will aid in Brand awareness, customer loyalty and also for those customers at the beginning of the purchase process.

Basically, with a Youtube channel you will be able to share video content with valuable information for your audience.

For example if you are a real state agent in your channel, you could showcase a new home listing with a tour inside the house.

Then, you have the Advertisement option. Remember “The first SIX SECONDS are FREE”, so you need to use them wise and be specific before the audience is able to skip the ad. Let’s be clear, nobody likes when they put the program on pause or wait for an ad to finish to start it.

Other options are a companion banner and a call to action overlay ate the end of the video.

Keep in mind.

  • Who and where your audience is.
  • Their behavior and interests.
  • Share valuable information.
  • No need to be professional.
  • No need expensive tools (Start with your phone).
  • Good lighting and audio, very important.
  • CTA, tell your audience where to go.
  • Make it easy for your viewer to find you.

Youtube will help you reach the ideal customer at the right time.

So, now it’s time for you to develop a great creative video for your perfect customer.

Happy Broadcast!!!

For more info like this just fill the form

set marketing goals

Is time to set your Marketing goals

Set up your Marketing goals today!

Every once in awhile we have to stop our automatization and mind to think about what we want to achieve. This is not an easy task but without it, your strategy, business plan or idea just won’t work.

So, when customers ask for advice on How to make local SEO work? Or What to post in their social media networks? Or as simple as Which one is the best theme for their business web page?, the answer is always the same: “Sit down, relax and think what you want to achieve with your product or service? and How far will you want to go with it?, questions that only the customer could answer, because their dreams and goals are unique and our only job it’s to make it happen.

Set up your goals but they must be written down, not only in your mind!

1- Be specific and think about:

  • What you want to get from your product or service?
  • How want do you want your product or service to be seen?
  • Ask yourself, How you can do this? And why you want this?
  • Prioritize in order of importance what can be accomplished first?

2- Measurable goals, this way you can keep track of your progress, make adjustments, meet deadlines and stay motivated during the progress.
You have to be able to answer questions like: How long?, How many? And How to know when it is accomplished?.

3- Your goal need to be realistic, remember your goal must adapt to your budget, deadline, location, customers needs, production process and all the process that will make your product or service a success.

4- Relevant, the goal must be relevant to generate an impact in your business, worthwhile, match other needs, can be done under actual budget and also it is the right time to implement.

5- Prioritize what to do first in order to be more productive, schedule and set up a deadline to meet.

Clear your mind and dream because when you work hard for what you want, all your dreams come true. Remember goal achievement requires commitment and sacrifice.

Motivation is the key to success.

How to get free REAL followers in twitter


Learn how to get free real followers on twitter the easy way

Remember buying followers is not such a good idea, you may get instant followers  but a the end what you really need are customers, so take your time, relax and start growing your social media community day by day, bit by bit.

Here’s the link for tweepi http://tweepi.com/

Keep in mind that the free version is really good but the paid version will save you a ton of time.


Content is King, all hail content marketing!

Content Marketing is the most efficient way to get new customers


The secret of your online success will be content marketing, what’s content marketing?, well is the art of creating interesting content in order to attract customers, this post is literally pure content marketing, but how can this post can turn our readers into customers?, well the thing with content marketing is that you are not trying to turn them into customers, you are providing them with knowledge, why? I have two big reasons for you.

1- Loyalty

Let me give you an example, if someone reads one of our post of how to improve you website and he notices that his website is starting to get more visitors after the improvement he’ll come back to us for more tips and how to’s, at some point the reader will need help or need something more complex than just tips, at that point he’ll call us, because we where the ones who gave him the right advice for free, even if the reader can’t afford us when someone ask him how he got so successful he’ll tell them about us.

2- Know how

We are not writing all this just because we like to make things up, what we post here is pure knowledge obtained the hard way, making mistakes. So if we tell you don’t try this and try that is because we already did it, so if one of our readers get’s stock at some point, or need’s help he knows that we can help him.



Content marketing means hard work, it means to sit down and write every day or every week (or we can do it for you), it means to share your bad and good experiences with the world.



When writing keep in mind the following best practices:

  • Write about useful techniques, things that people do everyday or unique stuff, something you developed just for you or how you accomplish something, even if it’s not the most popular way to do it.
  • The content needs to have at least 500 words, 500 words are enough to express an idea or to explain something and search engines love that number,
  • Pic a keyword or key phrase, it could be the main focus or the post and use it at least one time on a title and twice in the content, in this post the key phrase is content marketing, so we place it in several places, but be careful with this, if you abuse of the key phrase the search engine will mark your article as spam, so just use it when you really need to.
  • Write in a friendly way not everybody is an expert in your area so have some links to Wikipedia ready for them so they can read about those complex concepts or big words.

Agencies like us develop content for our customers, how we do it? we’ll  we have dedicated people writing content for each industry, let’s say we have a customer that needs an article about the lifestyle in Miami, we have a dedicated person writing content for real state and lifestyle, he’ll do the research base on newspaper articles and different online sources, the article get’s reviewed by you and then publish on you website.

Our copywriters can create articles base in anything you send us, news, trends, events, etc.

Google Ad-grants, a nonprofit dream come true…

Google Ad-grants for non profits, this is a game changer…


No this is not a scam or another to good to be true opportunity, if you are a nonprofit Google can give you 10,000 dollars a month for free on search ads, trust us 10,000 dollars a month can be a huge push for your nonprofit organization, with a Google Ad-grants your nonprofit organization will be able to play shoulder to shoulder with the big guys.

This can help you create more traction, get more sponsors, push your fundraising events or even sell more of your merchandise on your online store, imagine what your nonprofit can do with an Ad-grant from Google…

Who is eligible for the Ad-grants program?


According to Google (link to the Ad-grants here) this are the requirements:

Your organization must comply with the following

  • Hold current and valid charity status, as determined by your country; please see your country’s charity status definition below.
  • Acknowledge and agree to the application’s required certifications regarding nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use.
  • Have a functioning website with substantial content

And this are the organizations will be excluded of the program

  • Governmental entities and organizations
  • Hospitals and medical groups
  • Schools, childcare centers, academic institutions and universities (philanthropic arms of educational organizations are eligible). To learn more about Google’s programs for educational institutions, visit Google for Education.


Google Ad-grants is a true opportunity for those who need it most


This will be a game changer, Google is by far the most used search engine in the world, this means that the ads of your organization will be seen by millions, all you need to do is register your nonprofit organization here, then apply for the ad-grants account with the same account of your non profit here, and then you have two choices, you can create your own campaign or set an appointment with an agency like us and we can do it for you.

If you choose to do it yourself please keep in mind the following rules from google, otherwise your ad will be rejected.


Shop and Fight Cancer
Our Pink Ribbon Collection has
Unique Gifts for a Great Cause.

Shop for cancer
Shop for breast cancer
Cancer store
Cancer merchandise

Not Acceptable

Buy Gifts Online
Apparel, Books, Music & More
Save Time and Money Now!

Buy clothing
Online clothing store
Online shoe store
Shop mp3s

As you can see the ad must reflect the cause of your non profit organization, so keep that in mind if you are planning to do it yourself.

Remember to register as a non profit here, before you start the process.

If you need help at any part of the process contact us at us@seeed.us