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Facebook is making drastic changes

Big Facebook Changes

2018 a year for changes in social media. Lets face it,  did you really think that everything was going to keep moving smoothly?, Nope!

Here it comes, more changes to Facebook Algorithm were announced at the beginning of the year.

The main goal of these changes are to connect people through meaningful interactions, while they spend more quality time on the social platform.

The change will affect directly the news feed; it will decrease the bombarding of posts from businesses, brands, publishers and media, which means less information too. Instead posts from family, friends and groups will be seen as a result.

This reaction came after a research,  showing that interaction between the people you care about was more engaging over other types of connections. This comes after a decrease of active consumers on the platform, different fakes news published and the increase of users only engaging through live-streams.

What does this means for your business?

A game changer for businesses. Expect less engagement and less content shown to your audience.

In other words, if it’s not making a conversation it won’t show up.

However, paid ads were not mention, suggesting a way to be seen as a result of the changes. Which might also bring an increase of price for advertisement too.

It seems that this won’t a fair game.

What can we do to battle the giant?

  1. One way to go around might be by using more user generated content (UGC) and influencers, that bring genuine character to every interaction.
  2. Create better content that inspire others to spar a conversation around it, with more opportunity of sharing it.
  3. Pay for ads to promote your posts.
  4. Live-Streaming constantly.

Now it is time to monitor closely the changes, to be able to come up with better strategies and get around the algorithm to make work in our favor. Don’t wait for the changes to come, work ahead with the little information that has been shared.


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google partners connect event

Get your business online with Google

Google Partners Connect

Hosting this kind of event give you the advantage to learn and share interesting information with customers.

Our latest Partners Connect was a blast, now we have great information to make your business step out of the crowd and rise into digital success.

Event wrap up

Here we share the most important tips from the experts:

  1. Lets go digital. Evolve, grow and get the power of making business everywhere.
  2. Your website needs to be mobile friendly. Consumers behaviors indicate an increasing tendency in shopping from mobile devices.
  3. Be short and precise to attract attention and grow your revenue. The attention span is getting shorter.
  4. People love to see what you do, so “post post post”. Remember great content with awesome pictures.
  5. Bring your business into life with amazing photos showing your store, products and how the can be use. Businesses with photos get 42% more engagement.
  6. Make sure your website is attractive, with simple navigation, well written, has useful tools and easy to search within.
  7. Put your business on the map with some free Google marketing tools. Create a free listing, leverage organic results with key words, advertise and share the right information with photos.

Our next event

Today’s tendency is to do business everywhere and the best way to do this, is to be accessible to your customer.

It might be a good idea to franchise your business, but it will be a huge capital inversion. However, investing in an online store requires less use of capital and time.

The benefit of a online store reside in the way you reach your customers and the opportunity to be present in different markets around the globe.

You could still have your physical store and have the online one that is working 24/7.

Take the advantage of having the best of the two worlds and grow your business.

Some people might like the old way to do business, but the changes are already in our present.

Right now we have the chance to adapt and evolve. Later would be difficult and expensive.


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