We all want our businesses to continue growing, we want to increase our sales and get new buyers.

But what is the cost that we pay as a species for excessive consumption?

Today we want to talk to you about the importance of creating sustainable products and services that help change the planet while still winning.

The world definitely needs a change, a change that gives us the possibility of living fully for many more years on this planet, that generates a better quality of life and that at the same time is profitable.

More and more people around the world are looking for products or services that are eco-friendly, that are healthier for us and that have less impact on the planet. Green consumerism has never been as prolific as it is now.

It is increasingly common to walk down a street in the city or scroll through Facebook without seeing organic products. It's time for e-commerce marketers to step up and meet the demand for ethical products, as these are in greater demand every day.

The popularity of green products are very good news, not only for people concerned about ecology, but also for retailers. It is not only profitable but it also brings a nice feeling of contribution to the protection of the global environment.

Go Green is a very famous catchphrase today and a common name used by environmental movements around the world. It unites people who care about nature, want to produce less waste and reduce our ecological footprint on the planet. The main idea of ​​Go Green is to use ecological products, following a sustainable way of life and, of course, the Zero Waste concept.

It is important that companies that are joining this type of eco-friendly or Go Green movements really do so, it is not enough to use minimalist aesthetics, natural colors and generate the idea of ​​something healthy and eco when it is not.

Consumers are more and more meticulous in their search and analysis to know if a product or service is really what it claims to be.

Sustainability is one of the most challenging lifestyle concepts to follow, for both consumers and businesses. For the second, making your business more ecological is good, but making it sustainable is a much greater objective that although it is more difficult to achieve this can bring a greater profit in the long term.

Every day more brands and companies are joining a cleaner and healthier world, we see the birth of several startups that revolve around what is sustainable, eco-friendly, zero waste, etc. And this is because there is an increasing number of consumers for this type of product.

From reused plastic shoes to wooden bicycles, there are many products that are viable today.

With the advances in technology, the possibilities in materials, forms of manufacture, use of renewable energies, etc. are increasingly the ease to carry all of it out, little by little, while technology continues to evolve, very soon we will be able to create less impact products on a massive scale.

Did you know that 1/3 of the food produced annually is wasted?

Or that every day in the world 1 million plastic bottles are sold per minute?

It is said that by 2050 the ocean will have more plastic than fish!

The statistics speak for themselves; Currently the environmental concerns of buyers influence the purchasing decisions of up to half of online buyers.

As various types of products are already demonstrating, it has never been easier to sell sustainable products that customers really want and like. What was once a very "specialized" market, famous for its lack of options and boring packaging, is definitely no more. Green products are better and more vibrant than ever.

To find out more about this as about everything else, the answer is online. In social networks or in ecological blogs or of different organizations such as the famous Greenpeace, there you can find the pollution statistics and consult the examples of ecological companies that are succeeding to inspire you.

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