And so we get to the third step that Google gives us to improve our digital sales channels and achieve success!

As we mentioned in the first article, we still have time to make changes, adjustments and optimize our platforms so that holiday sales can be a success and we continue to grow. And this step will give us more tips and tools so that we can achieve it.

Every game has a Strategy, and whoever manages to create the best one will succeed!

After what we learned in step two about identifying areas of demand and understanding the buyer, it is time to take our game to another level, and we will achieve that by adjusting our digital marketing strategy.

It doesn't matter if you are new to this or are already familiar with Google Ads. With the wonderful guide that the Google team has made, you will learn the best ways to get discovered online, acquire new customers and generate more sales during this holiday period.

In this step you have a download link directly to a PDF file where you will find the following 5 topics and how to develop them. Here we will briefly give you the information of what each point is about, since the PDF brings a lot of information that you really should read so that you know how to improve your entire strategy.

Be discoverable:

The biggest challenge for marketers is how to always appear in searches. This is where Google can help you! 

75% of global buyers use Google products such as: Search, Maps, YouTube, etc. to find what they are looking for and make a purchase.

Build your brand:

Creativity in advertising remains the most important factor when communicating for a business or brand. 

Over 70% of viewers say YouTube makes them brand aware. 

Tell your brand story! Did you know that 51% of American shoppers research new brands before purchasing to make sure their products are relevant to their lifestyles?

Acquire new customers:

Reach new potential customers who are in the market looking for products like yours through.

Turn inspiration into action with Google's actionable branding formats.

Increase sales:

Use your product feed to help shoppers discover your products, both online and offline. Upload your products online and in store to the Merchant Center and activate Smart Shopping campaigns.

90% of global shoppers surveyed say they visited a store last week by searching the internet first.

Marketing Checklist:

At this point Google gives us its recommendations to help us develop a successful strategy with Google Ads.

  • Find the right customers!
  • Choose the correct message!
  • Boost omnichannel sales!
  • Optimize and measure success!

In this wonderful guide there is very rich content with its step by step, tips, important information, ideas, many tools, links that take you to more tips and help, etc.

Also, in this file you will find a link to a PDF that takes us to a 23 page guide on how to Navigate your retail business through COVID-19! Something that without a doubt today is very valuable information.

Although the holiday season will be a little different this year, it will still be a peak season and a critical time to connect with shoppers, let's not forget that now more than ever we have to show that we are together despite the physical distance.

We are interested in being closer and being able to help you be successful!

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