This week we want to dedicate it to deepening on the help that google offers us so that this holiday season, your eCommerce has an absolute success!

So today we will focus on analyzing the step one of the four that google proposes to us so we can improve our digital sales.

Let's remember that the first step is about Digital Storefront. People are spending more and more time on the Internet, looking at social media, web pages, stores, etc. Which makes their expectations higher when entering a new website.

User experience is one of the most important things, if not the most, when designing our website or online store. The design of the place, its aesthetics and the facilities that we provide to the user will be our most important card so that they stay, make an interaction with it and return.

We have to think that people use their mobile phones more every day to access our pages, so the design and experience for cell phones must be wonderful. If it is not well designed and it is not fast, it is most likely that that person will go out, never return and will not bother to enter from a computer.

Let remember that last year 51% of Christmas purchases were made from mobile phones!

Having said that, let's move on to see the two tools that this first step brings us.

Grow my store:

The main idea here is that with this tool, Google helps us analyze our site and gives us recommendations on how we can improve to strengthen our business.

  • We will see how our site compares to retailers in our sector.
  • It will give us practical recommendations to identify what we can improve effectively.
  • We will be able to access personalized market and consumer trends to reach new customers, through tailored perspectives!
  • It will give us support and guidance through selected google tools that will help us grow.

All this in a step by step in an easy and effective way!

Test my site:

With this tool we can test our mobile site to see where we have problems and what we can do to improve it!

  • We start by entering the URL of our site.
  • Then it will tell us if the speed of our site is good, excellent or poor.
  • And then he will show us how we can optimize the mobile version of our site in 3 steps.

    • Boost your speed: Remember that the first impression is the most important, customers are impatient, so the speed of your site has a great impact on conversion and bounce rates.
    • Get Personal: Once we've improved the loading speed of our mobile site, it's time to get personal. Every customer is different, and meeting their needs with relevant experiences is the key to winning in business. 
    • Make it seamless: 77% of smartphone buyers are more likely to buy from companies whose mobile sites or apps allow them to make purchases quickly.

After these 3 tips where you will find more information about each step, google gives us the option to generate a complete report, which will reach our email!

We know that this information and tools are going to help you, but we always like to know what you think of the help we provide, so we can improve!

And remember that if all this seems very difficult or long for you, and you want to be successful with your business, we are here to help you!

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