At what point did social media become a sales catalog?

Really, if this seems good or bad, it is relative and even secondary. I suppose it depends a lot on our own interests, on how we manage our networks and for what, and finally to which generation we belong.

For my parents who are from another generation this is an atrocity, for me it is already something normal to what I am used to and because of my work area it is even good, and for the most modern generations it is something with which they were practically already born.

The truth is that for companies and brands, the benefits of appearing in the feeds of personal networks is extremely good, being able to bring the product or service that we offer to the hand of our potential consumers, for quite rational costs compared to traditional advertising Without a doubt, it is not only easy but also generates enormous possibilities given their massiveness.

My generation, the one from the 30's to the 40-something, we have possibly been the ones who have experienced the most changes at a technological level and at the same time understood and adapted.

I remember when we contracted the internet at home for the first time and every time a phone call came in it disconnected, now in the pocket of my jeans I carry this "smart device" that lives connected to the internet and in which every time I open an application Like Facebook, Instagram or any other, I see between photos and comments from my friends and contacts many suggestions of clothes, food, travel, and in general all the things that the internet already know that interest me.

It is interesting to look at the past to realize how much things have changed, and understand what elements have contributed more to those changes, what kinds of things have benefited us badly, and what trends are those that somehow, although they have evolved, they continue to be the favorites of entrepreneurs and consumers.

I recently read quickly in an article that one of the trends expected for 2021 is TV shopping, who would have imagined 10 years ago that this would be a possibility? that by watching a Netflix program you can see your host's jacket and with one click buy it? What kind of advertising is this that doesn't even need to advertise what it is selling to you?

Really, the advances in how we reach our consumers does not stop growing or surprising us.

Instagram Shop, Facebook Ads, among many others, now it seems that TikTok is making alliances with a mega industry in order to reach a much younger target, as consumers are getting younger and younger.

We are very curious to see what changes are going to take place more and more quickly and where the trends will go.

We are very interested in knowing what type of advertising is the most important for you, which social media do you use the most and which ones have given you the best results?

Next week we will have some very interesting news about the alliance that TikTok has made with Shopify and how it can benefit you!

For now, we hope you enjoy the last day of the working week and that this weekend you will relax and enjoy yourself, take strength that we are already entering the penultimate month of the year!

And from SEEED we will continue looking for content that can help your company be more successful every day!!!

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