In many areas the creation of sketches or prototypes is very used and these are of great importance to have a clear idea about the operation and look of a project, product, etc.

Today mobile apps are very common in any field of the commerce industry, from sport and health applications represented by large brands, through banking applications, food, currier, to applications of small brands that are just being born, the possibility of carrying so much information in your pocket is not only extremely useful for consumers but also for brands to be just one click away. No searches, no need to go to a computer, you just have to click on your phone.

In general, most applications have several pages or tabs through which you can navigate to know the different products or services that a brand offers. And although it sounds very simple to think that an app is the solution, the creation of this cannot be taken lightly.

According to the web page “” we have to consider that in the world there are around 5 million mobile users, with which we know that it can lead us to an immensely large audience, but we also know that the current competition is gigantic. And thanks to that and because everything is increasingly going to the digital world, companies are recognizing the business value of user experience (UX) design.

Whether you are thinking of creating an app for your company or brand, or you are trying to get investors to develop in one, prototyping is essential. 

Creating a prototype will not only give you a huge advantage when looking for investment, seeing the different pages, the design and the information will make you have much more clarity for yourself and also with this you will be able to know if what you want is real or not, A programmer will understand what you want and can help you make that idea something tangible by being realistic with both the economic factor and the technological possibilities.

There are countless methods for prototyping, but in mobile app development, a prototype typically starts with sketches or a paper interface that evolves into an interactive model resembling the final product.” 

Definitely creating a prototype for your app will make your life easier…

In this video, our CEO explains quickly and promptly the importance and elements of an app prototype.

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