There are different types of transactions and ways of communication for different types of businesses.

You have probably heard about B2C (Business to Customer), and B2B (Business to Business). Each of these are handled differently since they are focused on different markets. The first one is focused on the customer as an individual, and the other is focused on other companies, wholesalers or retailers.

But why is it important to talk about this?

Understanding who you are selling a product to is the most important thing when running a business. By knowing your potential client you will develop the actions and approaches of your company to reach the customer. And this applies to both physical and digital sales.

Many companies have always been at the forefront with the advances of the digital world, and today they are extremely present on it, and are always concerned about innovating in all areas. However, there are still many companies that have not made the move to the digital world and many more that make the change but in a mediocre way.

We have been talking a lot in the past few days, that in this time having a digital platform is a must, which has been further reaffirmed with the arrival of COVID-19. Definitely having an online presence is an advantage for your business no matter what type of service or product you offer.

There is a general misunderstanding when it comes to business in the digital world. Most people think that a web page is a simple tool with which they automatically create impact, approach the customer and generate sales. When we refer to businesses in the digital era, and the sales that they can generate, we should think more about how a web page is just one part of a multichannel called a digital platform which encompasses many other things, which together form a sales channel or a communication channel.

It is important to understand that for a business to work, either if it is physical or digital, there are a series of steps and actions to be taken, and in the same way as in a physical business, you have to think about a structure and the parts that make it up, in the digital world you have to do the same.

Going back to the reality that we currently live in, where both because of the restrictions imposed in several countries and because of personal safety, most people are increasingly choosing to get the services or products they need online. With this as the main idea, it is not only important that our businesses have a digital presence, but that it stands out not only in its image and aesthetics, but in its operation.

The ease with which you can navigate a platform, find the information required and obtain the products and / or services offered will make the difference of that specific business over many others.

Going back to B2C and B2B, both should be created with your target audience in mind, both operationally and in aesthetic design. However, B2B commerce is undergoing incredible change in recent months due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. As an industry that relies heavily on in-person interactions to seal the deal, business models are now shifting to prioritize digital engagement.

So regardless of the commercial focus of your business, whether it is B2C or B2B, remember that not only having a digital presence is important, but creating a channel that really reaches your customer and sells your service and / or product.

To facilitate this, our company has an excellent team of human talent, with which we can help you get where you want to go, from an outstanding operational system, through the aesthetics of it and the way to communicate, putting it all together with your brand identity.

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