A custom web2print solution using Bigcommerce for postcards direct.com

A custom web2print solution using Bigcommerce for postcards direct.com

Today we share one of our case studies on a project carried out for a very interesting client. Where once again it was shown that the good coordination of our group and the experience, made it possible to deliver a project more on time and fulfill more than the expectations that existed in the beginning! 

Our goal: Create a web page to help the client through a clear, simple and massive process to offer advertising through digital postcards.

If you do not know Mailstream, we will tell you that it is a company that has been focused on creating advertising through postcards for 25 years (among other things). With the purpose to reach the hands of your potential clients in the fastest, most accurate, and professional way! 

Although it may sound strange to you to think of "postcards" this generates an idea of ​​warmth, vintage times and effectiveness, now with the possibilities of technology, we can return to things we long for but in a faster and easier way in the digital world.

Our mission for this client was to generate a web page that can process the creation and sending of advertising postcards from the same website in a clear, simple, and massive way.

Like any new project, there are always the usual doubts about how we will do it? and what result will we get? but we will talk about this later.

This product is designed for a B2B market with the need and desire to advertise through postcards!

We are a team with different members and a lot of talent, we don't want to sound presumptuous, but it's true! We have found wonderful people with whom we work, and that makes us special since each one has unique talents and a lot of experience. With all of them, by collaborating to develop a project, we have a lot of strength and the ability to generate excellent results.

This project specifically had six main actors:

  • Jose Zambrano who is our Project Manager Sr. In charge of the general management of the project.

  • Esteban Rodriguez: Senior Developer in charge of the Backend.

  • Jared Milbank: Developer Jr ++ Frontend logic and integration with the Backend.

  • Alexander Moreno: DevOps Sr ++ General infrastructure and serverless implementation.

  • Daniel Esteves: Developer Jr. in charge of the entire Frontend with a focus on pixel-perfect delivery.

  • Camilo Parodi: our Sr. UX / UI Designer.

Thanks to all of them, we managed to carry an excellent project forward!

Our process for every project is carried out in 6 stages. The first 4 are very methodical and repetitive. We go to a very technical stage of the processes, and finally, between samples to the client and feedback, we polish everything to deliver the final product!

We always start with the client's request and their base idea, this pass to the PO and after that the PO with the PM, Architect, TL and the Designer work together and get back to the client with the proposal adjusted to their request and costs; In the three cycles that continue after the acceptance of the project and the budget, our team works in stages. Our team works in stages in the three cycles that continue after the acceptance of the project and the budget. Finally, in the last of these 4 stages, the mockups of the project are presented.

Phase three begins when the mockups are approved. Again the work team coordinates work, and we continue to carry out the MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Once the MVP is reviewed and approved, the team continues working and polishing details to achieve Sprit release 1.

Once the fourth stage is approved, the downloading of technical requirements begins and later the uploading of these requirements to the JIRA project software.

From now on, the 6th stage consists of making small deliveries to the client to receive feedback and, if necessary, redesign something; This last process is repeated until we reach the desired product where both our client and our team are happy with the result. 



As in any project, there are ups and downs, and there are limitations. For us, the main challenge is probably that our entire team works remotely and many are in different time zones. However, once again, this showed us the potential of well-focused remote work and the commitment that each of our team members has!

In the outcome, it was finally shown that through agile methodologies and excellent teamwork, it is possible to meet the client's times and expectations, generating a win-win relationship.


Not only do we deliver what the client initially required, but also we help them discover hidden needs for their business—thus providing the service that, as a company, we seek. It goes beyond accompanying our clients in the development and delivery of a final product. Still, we'll help find proper solutions to all of their business needs, even those they may not know existed before.



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